The Best of Etsy — Bite Sized — Vintage Pink

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I thought The Best of Etsy could use a dash of pink. It’s a Bite Sized list today, but I think a delectable bite. Don’t you?

Bite Size The Best of Etsy — 30 September 2009 — Vintage Pink


Amazing, no? You have to love Clever Nettles back drops—they’re  simply divine. As is this 1950’s dress. Simply stunning.  You’ll rock “pink day” this year.


Absolutely fabulously pink! Why not sip your java in something that reminds you just how important your girls are? That’s right, I’m suggesting a “reminder” mug. Good idea, no? And, yeah, they’re out of this world vintage!


Need to keep your shoulders (and OTHER things!)  warm in these cooling autumn nights? This vintage sweater is just what you need for the job!  .

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Think pink. And remember, self breast exams each month can save your life!

All photos are used for promotional purposes only. Please do not copy. Be the original YOU are!

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