The Best of Etsy — Falling

Yesterday marked the beginning of Autumn. There’s something quite magical about fall—something about the changing colors and the cooling temps. It’s that pause before we all get a little nutty about the holidays. So, I’m enjoying it and savoring it and taking it all in. . . how about you?

Here are just a few things I’m falling for this week:

The Best of Etsy — 23 September 2009 — The Falling List

(links for images shown in order Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

Nothing says “Season Change” like a lovely scarf to wrap around your neck! Lux Wrap by FCP Cares

Clear and bright and reminiscent of the green leaves that are now turning red. Rose cut Prehnite Twist by kyleannemetals

You have to have a great bag for the fall… start here: Mum tote by York Town Road

Seriously? How much to you want this? Italian Ceramic by Mascara Jones

I’m big on bangles this fall. You might have noticed. Italian Gypsy Bangle by Pink Saguaro

With the fading daylight, you need something to brighten up your space. Set of Robin’s Egg Lamps by That Vintage Boutique

Speechless! These moths are fabulous. And for one, one that won’t cause your cashmere to tremble in fear! Large Charcoal Grey Moth Brooch by Ratsliveonnoevilstar

Originals! Nicomi Nix Turner has an amazing edge! “The Little Birds Lied” by Specimen Jars

And don’t forget your ears. Raspberry Sorbet Earrings by Polestar

All photos are used for promotional purposes only. Please don’t copy. Be the original YOU are!

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