A Sweet Surprise!

A sweet surprise! Sunshine in my mail.


I was a bit absent from Mireio last week. It was my 40th birthday and I spent the week hanging out with my little family and soaking in all the love  coming my way. But I’m back and I excited to start working and blogging about all the Spring in store for Mireio.

I’ll start by sharing these fabulous earrings that arrived in the mail last week.  (And I’ll just add, what a way to celebrate your 40th birthday!) My lovely friend, Kerri, sent me these handcrafted bits of Spring. I so admire Kerri’s work and have been meaning to buy something for ages. But, I’ll confess, I have a hard time buying for myself. Do you have that problem too? I’m happy to indulge friends and family, but splurging on me is much, much harder to do!

So, you can imagine my delight to receive these stunning earrings, so beautifully wrapped,  and a birthday note wishing me all the best at I enter this next decade. Such a thoughtful, generous, and lovely gesture—just like Kerri!

Thank you, thank you dear friend!

You can find more of Kerri’s work in her Etsy store Ten Things. Go treat yourself!

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