An Inspiring Month

Welcome to February: An Inspiring Month!

This is my birthday month—and this year is a BIG milestone for me. (ssh, don’t tell, but I’m turning a blissful four oh boy!) So, I’ve decided to spend the month blogging about all the things that inspire me most. Everything from the vistas that promise serenity, to the frenetic energy of my newly minted teenager, to the ideas and sights that get me motivated to make and create it. There is a whole lot of beauty out there and I hope you’ll join me this month while I do my best to record it!

In the same  vein, it turns out Victoria, of SF Girl By the Bay,  is hosting a Blog it Forward mash-up this month themed on Inspiration and after reading about it over on Kerri’s gorgeous blog, I thought, “Why not? It fits in perfectly with my plans to blog all that inspires me this month as I turn 40!”  I hope you’ll sign up too and tell the world about YOUR inspirations.

So, this is it—February. A month of romance and violets and all things sweet and wonderful and a whole lot of inspiration!

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