Mireio is Two!


Mireio: the early years


Mireio is 2! I so appreciate all my lovely customers! Many of you have become friends and your support means the world to me. I thought to celebrate my 2nd year of business I would post a photo of Mireio’s early years. Well, really just me at 13 months with my beloved “Po Po”.

This was my comfort object until it was tragically lost under suspicious circumstances (I still suspect parental foul-play). And while it is long gone, my memories of it’s cool surface and lovely fabric remain. It was a “gift” of sorts, since I fell asleep on it at my Aunt’s house and then refused to relinquish it. Even at 13 months old, I knew a good thing when I  found it. I named it “Po Po” for Pillow (perhaps an early indicator that I would always find titles and  descriptions difficult?) and it’s a part of who I am.

It’s no wonder to me that I’ve grown up to recreate my long lost friend. And it’s been an utter joy to discover that Mireio Pillows have become  YOUR friends. Mireio customers are creative and ingenious and often find uses for their pillow that I could never imagine. I get regular emails telling me the new and creative ways to use these amazing buckwheat wonders. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Several customers have written to tell me that their dogs took their pillow. Can they please have another!
  • One customer wrote to say, “I put these in the freezer for my own personal summer issues.” Personal Summer! Um, yeah, I’m taking notes on that.
  • As a Kindle prop in bed.
  • As a laptop pillow in front of the TV.
  • Many of you have ordered Mireio pillows as gifts only to email me, “Um, I’m keeping this. Can you make another for my mom and send it directly to her?” Yes, yes I can!

And of course, there are those of you who are collectors, keeping a whole stash. And some of you travel with yours and some of you sleep, and some of you prop them into hammocks for an afternoon siesta. But however you use your Mireio Pillow, I’m completely touched that you DO! It  makes my heart beat to know that a bit of Mireio is out there in the world making people happy. Just like the little girl in the photo.

Thank you! For being such amazing friends and customers. Mireio wouldn’t be turning 2 without YOU. And of course… don’t miss out on the SALE!

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