Where I’ve Been

A glimpse into my studio: buttons, buttons, buttons!

Where have I been? Where have YOU been? I hope outside playing and enjoying summer. I’ve been splitting my time between a stack of library books and doing time in the studio. And I’ve been photo-journaling my summer over on Evidently.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the fall launch and making plans, sourcing new products, and getting ready for the big 2 year Anniversary in August. There will be a SALE! as always and I hope you’ll tune in to see all the new and amazing things I have in store for Mireio as we head into the Fall.

But not just yet… soon! I’ll keep you all posted and hope you’ll keep in touch! There’s still plenty of time for playing in the sun and I’m hoping to squeeze in some of that while I work on all the surprises in store for Mireio!

So, tell me… what have YOU been doing?

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