Bite Sized, Yum!

It’s been such a busy week for Mirieo. Sunshine is a rarity this time of year, I’ve buckled down and really focused on taking advantage of this lovely light we’ve been blessed to have this week. (Yay! Shop update!)  But that means I haven’t spent as much time curating on Etsy this week. I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so today’s The Best of Etsy is bite sized.  Just a few of my favorite finds!

Adventure – Lucky Elephant Necklace by Daily Dose

I’ve fallen in love with this sweet necklace by Daily Dose. But then, I love everything about this store! There is something about the light and whimsy and color of this tiny elephant. So charming! (and free shipping) It’s on my “Wish List” for an upcoming birthday. We just won’t talk about which birthday.

Vintage Children’s Wooden Push Car by FernswoodPixie

Long time readers will immediately see the attraction here. It reminds me a bit of my toy car —though mine is not nearly as stylish. The color, the chippy paint, the lovely design make this a real keeper.

Candy Houses by Elukka

Tiny ceramic houses. Love. Love. So cute and sweet and I think they would look adorable perched just about anywhere. My only problem is picking out which ones I want, because, well, I want them all!

I hope you enjoyed this bite sized edition of The Best of Etsy. Remember folks, be the original YOU are! I hope you have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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