Cup of Love

Give a cup of love.

If you’ve ever written a blog, then you know that it can be a lonely process. Especially in the beginning. You pour your heart and soul into each post only to be met by what feels like radio silence. Maybe people don’t know you well enough to comment. Or maybe they don’t know how far a little encouragement can go.

But when someone does take the small moment to leave a comment, well, it’s wonderful! As a writer, it makes your day. It’s as if someone stopped by and said, “Let’s have a cup of something warm… together.” All of sudden, you are not so alone with your thoughts and dreams. Through the static of radio silence comes a faint signal. A friendship begins.

Or, at least, that’s how this writer feels. I adore comments, I won’t lie. It’s not that I need to be told how wonderful I am… it’s that I adore to hear from YOU. And I think it’s important you know that. Sure, it’s easier to pop over to facebook or twitter and jot a “well done.” And this blogger is grateful for that too. But when you stop to share yourself with ME on this blog—it’s something special. It’s a cup of love.

So, I’ve decided in this month dedicated to all things LOVE, to try to make a difference. Because I know how important those comments are, I’m making a concerted effort to leave comments for others. Just one blog a day. Just one comment. Just one “cup of love” to someone else who has made an effort to share themselves by blogging.

I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same. It’s not a big commitment. You probably already read several blogs a day. Just choose one, and send them a cup of love. I have a feeling it could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

(PS… are you lonely on your blog? You don’t have to be! I follow up with people who comment here… so tell me your story in the comments and I’ll come take a peek. We can have a cup of virtual coffee together!)

8 Responses to Cup of Love

  • Kerri says:

    You are the absolute best!!!

    Enjoying my frequent virtual cups of coffee with you always!

    Only wish it was in an actual real coffee house or better yet yours or mine…one day…xoxo

    I often have coffee with you at a little cafe in my wild fantasy life. 😀 I hope someday we’ll live closer to each other. You, my friend, rock the comment department. I’ve always loved that about you! ~~Wende

  • IZ says:

    You ARE NOT alone my dear! Say what you need to say and I’ll do my best to participate. I really like your invitation, sadly I don’t really have a blog for you to join in on. 🙁 But I’ll make this one of my homes and be sure I visit regularly… and comment too – not just look at pretty things…

    Oh… you’re so sweet… I love you! ~Wen

  • katie says:

    I’m cracking up at IZ’s comment. So hilarious.
    And, I’ll have hot cocoa, please. But I will smell your coffee 😉

    Um, I’m missing the humor, I guess? I think his comment was sweet. 😀 ~W

  • Colleen says:

    Oh my gosh Wende – what a lovely visual – thank you! nicely done. and you are right on the money. I’ve been so happy since I started my blog – I have an outlet that’s not work or parenting (as much as i love those). but then, I’ve also become a needy paranoid mess. Like you put this thing out there – and then you have no idea if it resonated, or sucked, or people didn’t get it, or if maybe now you’ve said something to make them hate you a little bit. and then, I convince myself I’m adding to the noise and totally imposing on peoples time and energy. so I tell myself “that’s ridiculous, remember why you started blogging in the first place.” so then the cycle starts over again. Love your stuff wende…I was so sad when you said you were stopping your other blog – so it’s great to see you still out there, making us smile!

    Oh, if that isn’t the cycle! Sooooo true. I used to feel bad, guilty about feeling like there should be some response. But you know, no more. Truth is, we all talk a HUGE talk about building communities and being present for one another —and yet, we don’t bother to do the small things (like commenting on someone’s hard work!) that create community. The real world, when someone gives us something, the very least we say is “thank you.” We wouldn’t dream of taking something without acknowledging the “other”… and we judge people who do. Right? So not cool, we say. But yet, bloggers blog and we read and…. we leave. What is THAT about? I say, “not cool, dude, not cool!”

    In the blogging world, I see too much, “I’ll only comment on your blog if you comment on mine” and I’m starting to believe that’s just not in the spirit of the process. For me, at least. So, I’m working on being present. Say “thank you” and “I see you”. Because I can’t change how other people do this… but I can change ME. 😀 ~Wende

  • Margaret says:

    You know me,it’s hard for me NOT to leave a comment. I like the connection and that’s why I blog. FB is more superficial.

    Yeah, I’ve seen some people be really good with Facebook. They seem to post meaningful things and elicit meaningful comments… but I’ll admit, it escapes me. ~W

  • Jessica says:

    I was at work today when I first read this and I felt bad about “clicking through” and not leaving a comment…but I was at work, and you know…I’m not supposed to be getting distracted by blogs when I work…even if work is really getting on my nerves 🙂

    Anyway, it’s after midnight, and I’m legally blog reading now…thank you for the reminder that I can comment as well as read. I’m a horrible commenter. Just really, really bad about it. You know…

    Yes… but you’re a really good writer, so we forgive you. Hee. ~W

  • Sarah Brown says:

    I love your blog. I am guilty as charged. I tend to read a lot and post very little. Mostly because if I am reading on my Ipad it is just too much work to post a response. If I am on my home computer I find it much easier, which is why I am writing right now!
    By the way, where are those coffees from? Looks like Astoria Coffee House to me? I went this morning with Scarlett and got the most delicious caramel mocha known to man!

    I think it is Astoria Coffee House. We’re more 3 Cups people, because I like the ownership so much there. But Astoria Coffee House has a lot of charm. Caramel sounds yummy right about now. 😀 ~~Wende

  • April says:

    I had an eloquent comment but I accidentally hit something on my iPad and it disappeared so I didn’t leave a comment yesterday due to frustration, lol….Today I can’t remember what I had to say! Oh well, thank you for being so open, I have had some of the same feelings as Colleen, I feel exposed and open to criticism by blogging but it is essential for my business, or so I am told…I only have a handful of readers. I have a handful of comments and some are from my always supportive Mama! I haven’t found the time to blog everyday maybe that’s an issue. I do post at least twice a month (having said that I realized I didn’t post anything in Jan.) Sometimes…no most of the time I feel like I am talking to a wall. I would like to thank you for making your wonderful creations and for putting yourself out there 🙂 we appreciate!

    April, thank you so much for your kind words. As for blogging. . . I know people say you need it for your business, but I’m a firm believer that if you don’t enjoy the process, your time is better spent elsewhere for your business. All bloggers struggle with the isolation, I think… even the ones with lots of readership. So, I think you need to love it. But, that’s just me. This blog fills a void—as I left my personal blog of 8 years in December. But even there, with lots of people reading, commenting was sparse… it’s the state of things. And while that may be, I’m optimistic enough to want to change it. 😀 ~W

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