Cup of Love

Give a cup of love.

If you’ve ever written a blog, then you know that it can be a lonely process. Especially in the beginning. You pour your heart and soul into each post only to be met by what feels like radio silence. Maybe people don’t know you well enough to comment. Or maybe they don’t know how far a little encouragement can go.

But when someone does take the small moment to leave a comment, well, it’s wonderful! As a writer, it makes your day. It’s as if someone stopped by and said, “Let’s have a cup of something warm… together.” All of sudden, you are not so alone with your thoughts and dreams. Through the static of radio silence comes a faint signal. A friendship begins.

Or, at least, that’s how this writer feels. I adore comments, I won’t lie. It’s not that I need to be told how wonderful I am… it’s that I adore to hear from YOU. And I think it’s important you know that. Sure, it’s easier to pop over to facebook or twitter and jot a “well done.” And this blogger is grateful for that too. But when you stop to share yourself with ME on this blog—it’s something special. It’s a cup of love.

So, I’ve decided in this month dedicated to all things LOVE, to try to make a difference. Because I know how important those comments are, I’m making a concerted effort to leave comments for others. Just one blog a day. Just one comment. Just one “cup of love” to someone else who has made an effort to share themselves by blogging.

I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same. It’s not a big commitment. You probably already read several blogs a day. Just choose one, and send them a cup of love. I have a feeling it could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

(PS… are you lonely on your blog? You don’t have to be! I follow up with people who comment here… so tell me your story in the comments and I’ll come take a peek. We can have a cup of virtual coffee together!)

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