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I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions; mostly because mine always seem to drift away long before the end of any given January. Instead, for the past few years, I’ve opted to “theme” my year. Last year was about connectivity—and building deeper relationships with loved ones via the mail. I’m not abandoning that theme this year, in part because it’s a lot of fun to send mail and write letters. But also, because I think it goes hand in hand with this year’s theme of “presence.”

One of ways I’m trying to be more present is by blogging ¬†more of my personal life here at Mireio. I know most of you tune in to see what’s new with the store and I so appreciate that! However, I thought it would be great to share more of myself here—and hopefully, connect better with YOU! You see how my two themes are interacting?

So, the little photo above is my first step into this year’s theme of Presence. This colorful collection of treasured items sits on top of one of my supply bookshelves in my studio. You’ll notice the “Y” in the spelling of my name on the wood car–inscribed long before I changed my name. It was a childhood toy given to me by a visiting Missionary at church. Originally, I had colored on the toy (the intent–they handed us wood toys and markers) with wild abandon. However, my 4 year old self couldn’t execute the design I had in mind and when I surveyed my work, I was shattered. Tears, everywhere. Apparently, my perfectionistic tendencies started early!

Someone had compassion on me. Over the objection of stern parents, this woman sat down with me, fresh markers, and a new car. She asked just what I had intended and then promptly created my vision of beauty on this toy car. While my parents saw a child having a fit over “nothing”, this adult (who I didn’t really know!) saw a little artist struggling to get her vision across. Her act of compassion has stayed with me—influenced so much of my vision of beauty (not to mention good parenting skills!). I keep this tiny wood car close as a remembrance and a reminder: we all struggle. Sometimes, we need help. And that I desire compassion to be at the heart of all I do.

What about you? Do you make resolutions for the year? Do you keep reminders close to you of your goals and dreams?

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