My Favorite Photos of 2012

It would be an understatement to say it’s been quiet on this blog as of late. So, I thought I would make up for my lack of attention here, with a round-up of my favorite photos of the past year. 2012 has brought so much change to our lives: change I’m still trying to absorb. But it is lovely to look back and see, that despite the change, our lives are still full of love and each other. In the end, that is more than enough. 

I hope you’ll join me on this little jog down memory lane. And please, post a link to your favorite post/photos from your 2012. I’d love to see what made your list! 

Our year began with a dusting of snow. Just enough to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of cocoa. 


This remains one of favorite soups. And the photograph is a favorite for the color and texture. Plus, the rare light on a winter afternoon. 


Still one of my favorite places in this house. (Oh, the progress we’ve not made!) And if you look closely, a self-portrait. 


Three of my favorite things: jasmine tea, roses, and vintage tins. 


I don’t think I ever posted this shot. I grabbed it between product shots last spring. Clearly, she just ate something tasty–verboten food I’m sure. Miss Sophie’s health has deteriorated this year and she is not dog she once was. At this point in her life (11) every year is a gift. 


Baking “Pi” with Geo. So much fun.


Another “between product shots” shot. . . .I love the light here. Seriously, my closet really is lovely. 


We are still in love. And despite what you might hear, love isn’t something that can be solved, programmed, scheduled, or “info-graphic-ed” (that’s a word). It just is. After 22 years, my only advice is, don’t listen to the “experts”. . . listen to your heart. 


I hate beets. Heh. Seriously, since I was a small child. But they are pretty things, even grubby. 


Do you see the rapidly disappearing height difference? Next year, I suspect, we’ll see a different dynamic. Walking in one of our favorite places. 


He smiles and I smile. Originally, I didn’t post this because I was hoarding it for myself. 


Not amused. He’s going to be “thrilled” (not!) that I posted this. But it makes me laugh. Because I get this face a lot these days. 


Oh, the carnage. 


I say this every year, but THIS is the year that porch and I come to terms. Perspective is everything, no? 


I took dozens of photos trying to capture the pink explosion this summer. I never succeeded, but I liked this capture just the same. 


Eat your greens! And your flowers. 


He still makes me laugh. 


He turned 16. SIXTEEN!


Wishing you all Peace this New Year.


And finally, a photo of me. It’s a favorite because IZ took it. . . on a romantic evening this summer.


I don’t know what 2013 will hold for this blog. I wish I could say I’ll be here every day, blogging and sharing our life. It’s surely a hope. And right now, we can hold on to that. 

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I’m hoping good things for you this year. 

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