Future Selves

A gorgeous A-Frame Tent for the wee ones. Tutorial via Grosgrain Fabulous


IZ and I took a lovely walk this morning—a break in the weather often finds us briskly walking our “loop” in an attempt to avoid the rain. Today, we bumped into our neighbor who is moving. Conner is just about four and very excited to be going to Grandma’s house where there is a brand new kitchen waiting for him. A pint sized kitchen made just for him… in boyish colors. Apparently, that’s important. Grandma explained, “We decide to turn an extra room into a playroom for the boys instead of another guest room.” In this room there is a magical kitchen set just waiting for a very excited  four year old.  Conner  is always going to remember that kitchen—it will be bigger and better and so much cooler in his memory than it actually was. And that’s because it’s been imbued by the magic of Grandma Love!

I love this plan! A room for the grandbabies to play. It’s not as if we have any expectation of grandchildren soon. Our son is just 15 and he’s already showing signs of being a lab rat. I’m not holding my breath. But IZ and I are still planning. Because planning is a good thing. We want to do it right. 

Today’s encounter with Conner reminded me that I’ve been wanting to share my Pinterest boards with you.  IZ and I have been pinning to a board called “The Grandparent File“.  The adorable play tent is just one of our pins (and yes, I’m already collecting cool vintage fabric for this project!) and we’re having fun imagining our future selves. Our world is a colorful world. And we have every intention to sharing it with another generation. . . in time!

I shared our idea board with Geo last night. He approves.  I looked at him and said, “See this is why you have to have a bunch of kids! I have projects to do.” Geo is a good sport about his mother’s delusions. And he knows there is no pressure. His father and I are happy with the idea of grandbabies at the moment. Our future selves can wait.

 But in the meantime, we’re happily pinning. I hope you’ll join us! (let me know if you need an invite to Pinterest!) 

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