Beet and Cheddar Tarts

It’s the new in thing to do, winging recipes and pretending to know what you’re doing. Yes, those are un-peeled beets. 


Aren’t these tarts pretty? Gorgeousness. If color was the only factor, I’d already be a fan of beets. What’s not to love about that ruby red  juice that pools on your plate and sticks to your fingers and stains you clothes. Wearing white, what was I thinking?

But color is only part of the issue. Following the recipe, it turns out, is also in play. Who knew? So, this is my Beet Redemption Check-in… and well… oh, just read it. 

I left my puff pastry (that Pepperidge Farms so lovingly made for me. They’re awesome like that) on the counter to thaw and made a quick dash to the Thrift Store. A quick dash, hahaha. When I got home an hour late and found myself pressed for time,  I just began making these tarts without reviewing the recipe. Save for a quick  glance at the necessary oven temperature I was working off of my memory. 


That’s how I missed Martha’s very clear instructions that I should not only scrub my beet, I should also peel it. 

To my credit, I scrubbed. And scrubbed. And these little tarts baked for 17 minutes at 400 degrees, so I’m not too worried about poisoning us. But I think that peel might have altered how the beet baked and I’m not sure I’m in love with the texture. The rest of the tart is divine; cheddar and puff pastry and apple and thyme.  It’s possible, that I really dislike beets. However, I’m not willing to admit defeat yet, so let’s just say it’s my reading skills. Or lack thereof. 

Beets 1: Wende 0 (though, if you adore beets you’ll love this recipe!) 

Recipe below the fold.

Beet and Cheddar Tarts (mildly adapted from Ms. Martha

1 sheet of puff pastry (thawed)

1 tart baking apple. I used Winesap, because that’s what was in my CSA box this week (thinly slice and core)

1 Beet. (Scrub and PEEL then thinly slice)

3 oz of sharp cheddar. I used Kerry Gold Aged Cheddar –which is reduced fat but you’d never know it! (finely grated)

Thyme, salt, and pepper

Preheat oven to 400. Now, reread the instructions. Ha! No, seriously, just prep the apple, beet, and cheddar. Roll out your pastry dough on a parchment paper lined baking tray. I didn’t make rounds, because rounds waste pastry dough, and that’s naughty. So,  cut the pastry dough into 6 rectangles. Fold the short edges over to make a small lip. Poke a few holes in the dough with a fork. Sprinkle 3/4 of the cheese on the dough. Then layer the apple. Tuck in the beet next. Then sprinkle with the remaining cheddar. Season with salt and pepper and just a touch of fresh thyme. Bake for 15 minutes or until the dough is lightly browned and puffed. (I baked ours for 17)

Devour. Carefully. Not in a white shirt. Or white pants. Or near anything white, for peet’s sake these are BEETS. 


And a big shout-out to Shanna for tipping me off to Martha’s Beet Archive—Thank you! 


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