Sanity in a cup . . . 


That sigh. . . that’s what relief sounds like. A big exhale: Glad that’s over.

Now if I could just quit my job.

It’s crazy tunes here. Busy. Detest that word. I go to bed each night thinking: tomorrow I’ll get something done. And I do. For work. But this house is bringing me down.

Halloween was lovely. Geo had friends over after his youth group event. The child actually called me in advance to let me know we had unexpected guests. To reward this ridiculously mature behavior, IZ and I blitz decorated for Halloween and Geo came home to a party ready space. Complete with homemade pizzas and Italian Sodas. Sometimes we rock the parenthood thing. 

Of course, the decorations were still up this afternoon. But we finally got a sun break and I made the kid go take everything down. Good thing too, our neighbors commented that we were “already decorated for Christmas.” What? You didn’t know? Spiderwebs and ghosts are the new trend in Christmas decorations.

I should probably stop putting up posts of beverages. But you’ll notice: no candy in this one.

I hope y’all are doing well. I’d love to hear from you. As you can tell, this is what passes for a post these days. But really after all the words of this past election, do you really mind that I cut it short? 

Breathe out people. It’s over.

Now, back to work. 

12 Responses to Observing

  • CitricSugar says:

    We get almost the same tv as you do so we’re also relieved it’s finally over. There’ll be at least a year before the 2016 campaign starts, right? 🙂

    Well played on mini pizzas and Italian sodas. That is the stuff of parental legend.

    Things are decent here. Not as much work as I’d like yet but I’m getting there. And there’s something delightfully soothing about the mere image of a beautifully poured coffee….

    • Wende says:

      I’m sorry that you have to endure our political ads. That seems really unfair. I hope things pick-up with the work detail!

  • IZ says:

    Breathing – it is something we all should do right now.

    Even better if you can do it over a mocha with a loved one.

  • Margaret says:

    Geo is an awesome kid and that coffee looks delicious. Being busy is good, but TOO BUSY isn’t. Hang in there!

  • tricia says:

    Dosn’t it make your heart swell when your child shows you such maturity? I can’t believe he is 16! I remember watching a video of him on your blog, doing a tutorial….time flies.

    • Wende says:

      I’m in utter denial, Tricia. When I think about it, I get all weepy and emotional. Thank you so much for all your years of hanging out with me. I really appreciate you!

  • Linda says:

    You are such a cool mom! And that looks delish!

  • Michelle says:

    *waves* I’m impressed by the homemade pizzas and italian sodas – that is the sort of thing I need to plan a day or two in advance and I don’t even have kids.

    • Wende says:

      Hi Michelle. So good to see you! And um, we totally cheat with the pizza. We get these really yummy pita breads that make AMAZING crusts. I used to make homemade pizza on Friday nights, but since we found these pitas we’ve just been using those. SO GOOD.

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