WIP: Upcycled Sweaters

Upcycled is such an unglamorous word! Someone invent a better one. . .go!


I’m not sure how I feel about this right now. I’m working on adding some adorable sweaters to the store… something to throw over a vintage slip when the evening turns cooler. The ETA on these is still really fuzzy. Partly because I’m working on them between sewing new Liberty pillows and filling existing orders. Also because I’m still feeling myself out on the concept. But I have this sweater hanging on the hutch door, and I walk past it all day—so, I’m getting there.  Some ideas just take longer to evolve. You have to fiddle and tinker and nudge the creative process along.  Right? 

But really, don’t you think there has be a more romantic alternative to the word “upcycled”? Any suggestions? 

8 Responses to WIP: Upcycled Sweaters

  • Margaret says:

    What does upcycled mean? Repurposed? Modified? Whatever it means, the look there is cool. 🙂

    • Wende says:

      I don’t think there is a hard set definition of the word… which is part of the problem. To my mind, recycled means the item gets returned to its parts and reused that way. Upcycled means making that item newer/better/different. Of course, that’s a completely arbitrary distinction on my part.

  • IZ says:

    Gosh, that’s going to be pretty when you get done with it. As for the word “upcycled”, I wonder if you are stuck with it since it is common nomenclature. I suppose you can be a trail blazer and come up with something unique to you and then trademark it and sue anyone else who uses it… didn’t that happen with the term “shabby chic”? 🙂

    • Wende says:

      I suspect you’re right about that. I just dislike the word. As for shabby chic, that’s the least of it. 😀

  • CitricSugar says:

    Reincarnated? Unwanted Object Relocation Program (like Witness Protection)?

    L’improvment? (Must be said with a faux french accent.)

    • Wende says:

      L’improvment! I can totally do a faux french accent. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a beret around here… I’ll dress up and do a video. You know, when I lose 40 lbs. I’ve put on weight because I keep eating chocolate croissants.

  • I know what you mean about how some ideas take more time to evolve than others. Sometimes when I get started on a new idea, then the other things get busy again and I have a hard time getting back to what’s supposed to be new…

    That said, how about embellished? Upcycled is a funny word, I agree. ♥

    • Wende says:

      My biggest problem is I take too long, and then see my idea on the FP of Etsy and KICK myself for not jumping on it sooner. I don’t want to talk about long I’ve had metallic shiny spangly coin purses on my “to-do” list. le. sigh. Oh, btw… LOVE your new packaging. SO pretty!!

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