This Cleaning Break. . .


. . . Brought to you by pretty peonies.


Now, back to mopping floors and scrubbing toilets. Life if glamourous. . . no? 

4 Responses to This Cleaning Break. . .

  • Julia says:

    The peonies are gorgeous! I like a clean house, but I am not a fan of cleaning.

    • Wende says:

      Me either, Julia!! I told IZ last night that I wanted to go to bed and wake up to everything all shiny and clean. It’s always worth the effort, but the effort… meh.

      But the peonies are glorious. Those three blooms are so fragrant the bathroom smells heavenly. Probably helps that it’s uber clean, tho. 😀 How’s your summer shaping up? I hope you’re doing something fun!

  • IZ says:

    I think we need more peonies. 🙂

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