Friday’s Pin: Thanksgiving is a Season


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Search “Thanksgiving Decor” on Pinterest and you’ll find pin after pin of tablescapes. Usually elaborate, often featuring fruit and flora not easily found in your regular grocery store. There is a subtle message here: you decorate for the day, for the event. Maybe you put out a few guest towels and spruce up the linens on the bed if you’re expecting guests for the holidays. But, do you really decorate?

I don’t.

Recently in Goodwill hunting for vintage zippers, I couldn’t help but notice: I’m not alone. If donations are any indications, folks out there celebrate Halloween and Christmas; because Thanksgiving decorations were completely absent.

When I dig through our 23 years of assorted holiday decorations I realize the pattern holds. We have boxes of Halloween items: though most of those have seen their better days! A decent collection of Christmas things (although, Halloween STILL out ranks it, if you don’t count Christmas ornaments!) and a measly assortment of old paper crafts our son did years ago for Thanksgiving. Oh, and 3 colored corn cobs strung together with a bit of silk ribbon. 

It’s really pretty ribbon, does that count?

This is pathetic. And I tell myself this every year. I say, “SELF. You love Thanksgiving. It’s not just a day, it’s a SEASON!” And I promise myself that I will decorate. Make seasonal bunting for the porch. Scatter some gourds and leaves about. Think nice thought and write thankfulness notes up on the Note board in the Kitchen.

I’d like to blame the stores for this. Lord knows, I don’t merchandise Mireio for Thanksgiving. It’s hard to think autumn leaves and earthy tones when the glitz and glitter of December is. just. so. close. 

But, that’s not exactly taking responsibility for my actions. It’s not as if decor is all that important. But I’m convinced that creating an environment where Thanksgiving is a season (not just a landing spot between Halloween and Christmas) I’m creating room in my heart to be more thankful as well — pillows and bunting are pretty, but they also serve as a visual reminder to be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

It’s a thought. So, I’m using pinterest to get inspired. I’m going to work on being Thankful on the inside and the OUTSIDE. How about you? Do you have any special decorating ideas for this Season of Thanksgiving? 


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