Friday’s Pin: Water Colored Walls



Gives completely new meaning to painting your walls, right? Source: PhotoWall  Via my Likes page on Pinterest. Sometimes, I just “like” to hang out there… it’s this wild assortment of amazing. 

It’s been quiet around here lately. Remember that post about peonies? I ended up with terribly inflamed lungs from all the exposure to a bleach based cleaner that day — it’s taken weeks to recover. I’m finally feeling better: just in time for a beautiful heat wave (a string of 70+ days = a  heatwave on the coast) and a church free weekend. I’ve cleared my “work” calendar and the weekend feels so promising. 

Of course, it’s Friday — the weekend always feels promising on a Friday, yes? My plan is clean the house today. Don’t worry, I’m sticking to vinegar, hot water, and lemon juice. But after that? It’s wide open! I love that feeling. 

My list of things I could do is huge, HUGE I tell you. And I’m trying to remind myself that it is a list of potential, not a “to-do” list. Pay attention, self! IZ and I still haven’t done anything official for our anniversary (do!). I’m keenly aware that Mireio could use some attention (do!). This weather is too glorious to spend the weekend inside. (do!!!). 

But then I remember that I’ve spent nearly 3 weeks very sick and consequently, I’m way behind on the “get this house painted by September or else” list. I *think* my lungs are clear enough that I could risk painting? And those water-colored walls above are certainly inspirational.

That’s actually wall-paper. And trust me, if our walls weren’t so highly textured (why did I ever think Lathe and Plaster was “romantic”?) I’d be considering this for so many reasons. It’s absolutely stunning. A watercolored wall– gives new meaning to painting your walls, eh?

So, my list: there’s more. I won’t bore you. I’m going to hang onto this feeling of hope for as long as I can. And, if you’re lucky, I’ll post a recipe for the BEST BROWNIES you’ve ever had later in the weekend. 

In the meantime, tell me what’s on your “Hopeful List” this weekend. 


So, the Best Brownies disappeared before I could get a decent photograph. Good thing IZ made some more! 

4 Responses to Friday’s Pin: Water Colored Walls

  • Julia says:

    Bleach scares me… I am glad you are feeling better. Vinegar is what I like to clean with – it’s safe. I hope you enjoy your weekend and the wonderful weather. It’s in the 90’s here and very humid. And I do hope you share your brownie recipe!

    • Wende says:

      Wow… that is warm! I’m not a fan of bleach either, however we have a tiled floor that you cannot use vinegar on and the grout… oh the grout. In DIRE need of a bleaching. Usually I’m careful, but I think I forgot to have the fan running and paid for that dearly. And it wasn’t straight bleach–but still. Live and learn, I suppose.

  • CitricSugar says:

    Glad your lungs are on the mend my dear! Next time, try some hydrogen peroxide. 🙂

    Those walls are inspirational, for sure! That’s my kind of paint job….

    • Wende says:

      The hydrogen peroxide is a great suggestion. I need to see if I can use it on marble, but it can’t be worse than bleach. I just used it on a carpet stain (with a bit of dawn) and dang, it’s impressive. We’ll be doing ALL the carpets soon now.

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