Vintage Slips in the Window


In pretty winter light.

I’ve been working on hand dyeing 3 vintage slips this week. I’m getting close to listing them, I’m just down to writing up the actual listing on etsy.  So consider this your sneak peek of what’s coming. 

I love this photograph of them lined up in the window. I don’t typically use the “art” shots in my listings, since people need to see the product and we’re limited on photos. But I’m always tempted to. It’s a personal opinion thing, but I much prefer photos of items in settings: I’ll admit I buy into the story being told. 

Because who doesn’t love a good story? It can sometimes be difficult to tell one in a product shot AND really show the product. So, I usually opt for the photos that give you the best look at my wares. But… oh… the wispy, romantic, airy photos sing to me. Someday, I’ll produce a catalog, y’all. Until then… I guess I’ll just keep telling stories on the blog. 


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