Valentine Cookie Round-Up

Day Eight: Who doesn’t love a little Valentine Cookie to nibble? While it might be tempting to grab a box of store bought (those boxes sure sing to me!) if you have the time, these recipes and ideas are worth the effort. And in some cases, there’s not much effort required! So, why not bake up a little love? 

Valentine Cookie Round-Up


Raspberry Lemon Squares by Lick the Spoon. More of a dessert!



I love everything about Ella Claire: and these gorgeous cookies are just the beginning of the goodness on her blog. Easy Strawberry and Cream cookies. 


a pretty cool life


Peanut Butter Blossoms. (photo credit: A Pretty Cool Life) No recipe here: but it’s pretty easy. Top you favorite peanut butter cookie with a chocolate heart. Add the candy fresh from the oven  while the cookies are still warm! 


Classic Linzer cookies. Via Attic Lace. 


pretzel cookies

Learn how to make these cute dipped pretzels. Easy, fun, and so festive. Over on Love from the Oven.

And so good! Easy Valentine’s  Day Cookies. These would be fun to do with the kids! via Family Fresh Meals.



 Fun pinwheel cookies in red and white from The Shine Project.



Sophisticated French Filled Macaroons that are easy to make! via bhg. 



 Completely worth the effort! Heart Sandwich Cookies from Martha. Oh Martha. We love you. 


Want to bake up some love this Valentine’s Day? Follow my pinterest board: Creating Everyday Romance for  more fabulous ideas and recipes. 

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