Corners of Our Home

Unexpected Joy



A Winter Primrose in the dining room bay window.  Ceramic planter from Clear Mountain Craft


These little primroses are my favorite way to decorate mid-winter. You can find them at your local nursery or grocery store: typically for about a dollar a plant. And while they will spruce up a winter-grey yard quickly, I like to place them in ceramic planters I’ve collected and tuck them into unexpected corners of our home for a touch of spring where you might not expect it. Long dark winters need moments of unexpected joy, don’t they? 

A Pink Room: Almost Done

Almost done

Almost finished… I just have to hang a few things on the wall. Eventually I’ll get to the window coverings as well. But otherwise, the pink room is finally shaped up enough to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning… or fold laundry. Better photos coming soon and a breakdown of what I did.

This Cleaning Break. . .


. . . Brought to you by pretty peonies.


Now, back to mopping floors and scrubbing toilets. Life if glamourous. . . no? 

Win Win Achoo

Remember this? Yeah, me neither. It’s been that long. At this rate, I project the house will be finished in 2015.


We’re calling it “The Pink Room”. Not that it’s really pink, but in comparison to everything in this house: oh it’s pink alright! It’s a lovely, cheerful room that doesn’t scream, “HI I’M TAKING PROZAC TO GET THROUGH THIS MISERABLE GREY WINTER.” Ahem. No, the room whispers quietly. Even to the teenager, who likes to hang out there because the color is “soothing.” 

The room is nearly done, in no small thanks to IZ, who gave me the day off on Monday to paint. I was lamenting my fate, not wanting to report back to work after a weekend of Youth work, and he said, “Then take the day to paint. Finish your room.”

That’s a deal worth taking, no? I’m hoping to take photos soon. However, painted hardly means decorated. And I’m still trying to decide how to deal with the left-over sofa. Oh, did I mention this room is filled with left-over furniture? It’s a mishmash, but I have a plan, maybe? So, photos shortly.

Of course, I painted on Monday and then promptly got sick. I love, love working with youth. But I’m no fan of the Petrie dish my classroom appears to be. I had a youth worker whisper to me during service on Sunday, “I can’t help in Sunday School this week, I’m sick”. And with one whiff of a cough-drop coated breath, I knew I would be too, shortly. For those wondering what fate smells like, let me tell you: minty. 

So, now I’m hopped up on cold meds and rambling. But my room is painted and I’m married to the nicest guy on the planet who took pity on my Monday morning wails of “I really don’t want to go to work today.”  Win-win. . . achoo! 


An Anniversary of Sorts

Seven years ago this week, we packed up our little family and moved to the Oregon Coast. We had no idea at the time what our future held, but we were excited and keen to begin. This little farm house has come such a long way in 7 years. 



I’m not sure who took this photo and that’s not our car!


This photo was on the brochure for the house, so it’s a bit dark and grainy from being scanned multiple times. But I think you get the idea of what the house was in 2005. Potential! And so much work. 


And this is our house today:


When we are finally finished (are we ever really finished) I’ll put up a few pictures of the process… but until then, I thought you’d like to see how it all began!