In Photos

Pink Sugared Snow








Weather is turning to pure beauty this week. Lovely 70-80 degrees are projected for the next four days; sunshine and long walks are in my future. I can’t help but think all these cherry blossoms look like pink-sugared snow. 

Because I’m Happy


I’m always the last to find a trend. (I still don’t get Seinfeld.) But I bumped into this lovely project called 100 Happy Days on the same day I finally opted into Instagram. Let’s call it Kismet.

So, I’m taking the plunge on both! Starting today, I’m going to give  this challenge a try and I’m going to do it on Instagram. Want to join me? Follow me here… and I’ll follow back. I’d love to see what makes you happy! 


Snickers selfie was my first post… This cat definitely makes me smile!

In Photos: Our Valentine’s Soirée


We Interrupt This Love Fest



To inform you that these little things are HOTT. And addictive. You’ve been warned. Carry on. 

Let’s Do This