In Photos

Little Touches of Christmas

presents4 Hand painted paper. . . with love notes.




presents1 A Tetrahedron. Take a wild guess who wrapped that present.


lettherebepeace1Chalkboard paint works on mirrors


nativity2 Nativity scene




christmaspie2 A Christmas tradition: Chocolate pie. Yum!




christmascandy1Christmas chocolates from our stockings. Which are actually felt mittens.


rosewatercoffee1 Rosewater Turkish Coffee  

The One Where Wende Learns New Technology


Lovely woodland find on our walk– captured by IZ

First off, the weather has been GLORIOUS. So much so, IZ and I have been sneaking off for an hour walk on the riverwalk every day this week. We walk out past the town, into Alderbook; traipsing through the small woodland path that connects the two. 

Yesterday, I stopped short at this lovely mushroom. There had been a large stand of them recently, but most have faded into a slimy mess. This one was still standing proud and I was really wishing I had lugged my camera along.

IZ pulled out his itouch and started snapping photos. “Look, it’s really easy. You try.”

You may now all pause for laughter. Here’s the thing, I don’t really like talking on the phone. So, I don’t have one. We bought a couple of burner phones when our son traveled this summer: just so we could connect in the airport and on the road. But I barely know how to turn one of those things on. Using a phone or handheld to take pictures is just so. . . wrong. 

But, you know, live into your weaknesses, step out into your fear, yada yada. I took the ipod thingie (that’s the official name!) and tried. “So, I click here?” pushing a button that made the entire screen disappear.

“No, you have to push the ‘hand'” 


I tried again. Um. And again.

Really, this is ridiculous. About now is when I start feeling far too insecure: so you know, you haul out the “But I went to GRAD School . . . and GRADUATED” Anything to prop up the ego. 

Sigh. I’m just not equipped. Slow learner I guess. I finally managed to take photo or two. Apparently, there is image stabilization on the camera, but I never found it. Clearly: 


Nice shot of the LEAVES, Wende! Yeah, that was what I was going for! 

To think IZ keeps trying to convince me I need an ipad. 

And you can stop to laugh here too. 

Sweet Peas


Look what the corner Dahlia stand had.

Starbucks and Sandals


How I do August

I Buy Big Jugs and I Cannot Lie



I’m still trying to figure out why we need a bottle of dishwashing liquid THIS LARGE when we use a dishwasher? 

Do you do this too?