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Coming Soon: Vintage Roses Buckwheat Pillows


Coming Soon: Buckwheat and Lavender Travel Pillows in Vintage Roses Textiles

This is what I worked on this weekend… aren’t they pretty? This is just a quick snapshot–I’m working on real photos today. These gorgeous buckwheat hulls travel pillows will be listed in the store very soon! 


Travel Pretty You WILD Thing



New Travel Pretty Buckwheat Hull and Lavender Travel Pillow 

How much do you love this print? I adore it. It’s perfect for that girl who is bold and full of life — who needs a travel pillow as adventurous as she is.

Filled with Mireio’s custom blend of luxurious lavender from Provence and ultra comfy Buckwheat Hulls. It’s divine. I sleep with a Mireio pillow every night. Lavender is known to be soothing and relaxing, so pack this fabulous pillow in your overnight bag and journey in bliss. 

Not the print you’re looking for? There are more Travel Pretty Buckwheat Pillows at Mireio. 


Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow

Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillows


Lavender and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow: Featuring Vintage Wilendure


These dogwoods are utterly romantic. I love this print so much–and the fabric is ridiculously soft. Perfect for sweet dreams or traveling to your favorite destination.  Backed in the most charming pink Oakshott cotton, this soothing travel pillow is a feast for all of your senses. 

This gorgeous travel pillow is filled with Mireio’s signature blend of buckwheat hulls and fragrant lavender from Provence. Find this and other Travel Pretty Pillows in my store. 


Vintage Half Slip: Seashell Peach

Vintage Half Slip: Seashell Peach


Oh how I wish this Vintage Half Slip was in my size. It’s absolutely perfect for late sumer/early fall–wear it on its own now with a sweet blouse and then layer on the sweaters when the weather turns cooler. 

The color reminds me of the insides of seashells–not quite a pink, more of soft peachy coral. But it’s the lace that steals the show. Just look at this hem:

vintage half slip lace hem


It’s just too pretty to hide–It’s time to add a romantic touch to your wardrobe. 

Nylon: Medium
Waist: 12″ flat (please double) stretches to 18″ (please double). Wide lace elastic waistline. 
Length: 24″

You can find this gorgeous vintage half slip and many other hand-dyed vintage slips at Mireio. 

Vintage Pillowcase: Roses and Birds

Vintage Pillowcase: Roses and Birds


I’ve added some fresh vintage pillowcases to the shop! They seem to disappear as quickly as I can get them in. 

This vintage pillowcase is my current favorite–it was so hard not to keep it. These stunning roses open up to a beautiful landscape of flowers and exotic birds. There are lines of Japanese text along the side … I have no idea what it says, but I’d like to imagine that it’s wishing you a very sweet dream.



The image is repeated on the backside of the pillow. This vintage pillowcase would look adorable layered on your bed.

In great vintage condition: no holes or stains. 
Colors: rose, pink, taupe, green, grey, brown
65% Poly 35% Cotton. 
20″ x 26″ Standard pillow size

Find it HERE!