Soul Care

Soul Care: Nourishing Your Skin in the Winter


 Just a few things keeping me sane this winter


The last two weeks were so much fun… and completely exhausting. Between our ice/snow storm, all our plans for Valentine’s Day/Week, and lots of intensity in my work and volunteer jobs — I’m feeling wiped out.  I could use a little soul care. 

I like the term “Soul Care” so much better than self care. For me, it encompasses anything that helps me stay sane, focused, relaxed, centered! From exercise to lip balm, if it soothes my soul then I’m all for it! 

You know what doesn’t keep me centered? Itchy skin. The winter time is the worst– I can’t seem to keep hydrated. 



I’ve seen ads for this Egyptian Magic in magazines and online. Usually a celebrity talking about how amazing it is. But, I’m the girl who has been using WRINKLE CREAM since she was 20. If the bottle doesn’t explicitly use the word wrinkle in it, I’m probably not going to slather it on my face. I love that word, too: slather.

But then Costco went and put Egyptian Magic in the warehouse and I had a little fit of reasoning, that went a little like this. “No, it doesn’t say WRINKLE in it. But it does say MAGIC. Magic is good. I could use some magic.”

Home came the Fort Knox plastic wrapped package of Egyptian Magic. 

I have no idea if Egyptian Magic does anything for wrinkles. I’m pretty sure your best bet on that is to keep using lots of sunscreen, something this product does NOT contain. But it has been a life-saver this winter. Especially in the icy cold. The all natural ingredients really do sooth dry skin. (Olive Oil is the first ingredient!) 

I use it at night before I go to bed. And as much as I love the word slather, you really don’t need a lot of this product! The packaging tells you to use “moderate” amount — I’m not sure how you define that, but it’s an odd adjective to use for skin cream. I would suggest you start with a very small amount (pea size) and add more: initially it’s very oily. Once you work it into your skin, give yourself a few moments (I brush my teeth) for it to soak in. Soon, your skin won’t feel oily, but nourished and soft.

I sleep next to the heater vent –which can be very drying. I wake up the next morning with really soft skin. And I really like how it feels on my hands after I’ve worked with chemicals in the studio. Even with gloves, dyeing slips can be hard on my skin.  


For day use, I will probably go back to my Wrinkle Cream with its high SPF in the Spring, when I start walking outside more often. But, for now, I’m layering Egyptian Magic beneath my SPF foundation, after I wash my face in the morning. Or, on the days when I get to stay indoors and don’t need the SPF, just on its own.  I’m remarkably less itchy, and soothed skin means a soothed soul. Well, theory anyway. *smile*

A note on fragrance, because I know that’s the hard part of buying a product you use on your face without trying it first: this has a very light honey smell that disappears almost immediately. It’s very natural and doesn’t contain any additional artificial ingredients.

So, what are you using to keep your skin soft (and itch free!) this winter? I’d love to know. 

As for buying Egyptian Magic, a note of warning: apparently there is a knock-off being sold on Amazon. From what I can see, the branding looks identical but the product is not. So, consumer beware! Costco has the real thing, or you can buy directly from Egyptian Magic online.