Work In Progress

WIP: Vintage Lace + Found Objects



WIP: What I’m working on this week– Vintage Lace + Found Objects.  Oh, and a few good words too. 

I collect little bits–hoard them really. Tiny scraps of fabric or lace or little found treasures. This week, I’ve been creating these adorable… I’m not sure what to call them! But aren’t they amazing? I love being able to find a use for these tiny treasures.

The words are cut from an antique book I have of poetry and plays–It’s been so much fun hunting down just the right phrase or word.

I have just a few tiny tweaks to make before I list them: but I’m hoping by this weekend. 

What have you been working on? 


Dahlia Inspiration



Hoping to dye some vintage slips in these amazing corals, pink, and deep plum. 

WIP: Something Blue


Working on new lingerie bags. Playing with denim and vintage feedsack. What are you up to? 

Summer Color

WIP: new fabrics for Summer. Lots of mango, berry, and aqua. Yum. I’ve already started listing buckwheat pillows* in these fabrics and will continue to add eye pillows and lavender sachets throughout the week. So, keep checking back! 

* with these new fabrics, Mireio will be offering “buckwheat only” pillows (as well as Mireio’s signature blend of lavender and buckwheat) for those of you who would prefer your buckwheat pillow unscented. 

WIP: Upcycled Sweaters

Upcycled is such an unglamorous word! Someone invent a better one. . .go!


I’m not sure how I feel about this right now. I’m working on adding some adorable sweaters to the store… something to throw over a vintage slip when the evening turns cooler. The ETA on these is still really fuzzy. Partly because I’m working on them between sewing new Liberty pillows and filling existing orders. Also because I’m still feeling myself out on the concept. But I have this sweater hanging on the hutch door, and I walk past it all day—so, I’m getting there.  Some ideas just take longer to evolve. You have to fiddle and tinker and nudge the creative process along.  Right? 

But really, don’t you think there has be a more romantic alternative to the word “upcycled”? Any suggestions?