Filling Holes

The new Cherry tree in the Azalea garden. It blooms a very pretty pink. 


Monday posts always remind me of going back to school and writing the “What I did on my summer vacation” essay. Right? That little ritual of remembering and sharing. . . and each Monday I face this blog and think, “What DID I do this weekend?”

Usually, whatever it is I’m doing, I forget to bring the camera along. But today there are a few photos of my finished work. We’ve had astounding weather (perfection for the opening day of the Astoria Sunday Market) and we spent the majority of time working in the yard. 

I attempted to pull grass out of the azalea beds. No easy task, friends. Grass, while I can never get it grow like it should in my lawn, thrives where it is unwanted! And removing it is a beastly job. I wish I had some clever trick to tell you how to do it best, but honestly, it’s just hard labor. Lots and lots of pulling.

We also removed a dying azalea from the garden. I say, we, because I supervised. IZ decided it left too much of hole in the front planter, so we went in search of the perfect replacement. It’s not an easy task, when the other plants in the garden are so well established. Most azaleas sold in these parts are in small gallon containers, and it will be an easy 5-10 years before they mature to the size of the rest of the stand. So, we opted to put in something different.

Besides, does the Pacific Northwest need ONE more azalea bush? I don’t think so.

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