Friday’s Pin: Red Nail Polish and Naughty Thoughts



Ongles rouges plus longs s’il vous plaît! via Mrs. Lilien and Yazbuckly . . . pin

I’m not sure about longer nails, but everything else is certainly right with this print!  On Sunday IZ and I celebrate 23 years of wedded bliss. Ooh. La. La.  If ever there was an occasion for bright red nails, I think an anniversary is it!  Not sure exactly what we’ll be up to (is it  really a naughty thought if you’re thinking about the man you married?!) and we may even delay (or extend?!) celebrating because our big day also happens to be Father’s Day. 

Somehow, all those years ago, we didn’t realize we were planning a wedding for Father’s Day Weekend. This was before the internet and pinterest weddings. We chose a date months in advance and thought we were in clear when the day wasn’t anyone else’s birthday or anniversary (IZ is the baby of 8!). The holiday didn’t even dawn on us! Trust me. Father’s Day is a lot of things, but romantic? Not really.  

So, every few years we share our anniversary with the holiday. And when that happens, we tend to postpone festivities to later in the month. Considering I’m swamped at church on Sunday, I’d say it’s a fair bet we won’t be celebrating on Sunday. 

But I have bottle of vermillion nail laquer and I know how to use it.  Just in case. 


Test Run: A Mother’s Day Project


A Mother’s Day Project

With much trepidation, I pressed the “submit” button on an order of silk scarves. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea: spending so much money on a single art project. What if it didn’t work? What if it did work, but required more time than we have? What if it created a giant mess and instead of making lovely gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day, I sent home a passel of children stained and marked? “Here, Mom. . . for Mother’s Day I made you more laundry to do!”  

We’re a small church. A Mini-church if you will (a mini-church in a huge building and oh the stories!) — so my Sunday School class consists of children ages 5-13. On the one hand, I love it. Our conversations are varied. There is a balance between older kid and younger kid energy. I think it’s a great opportunity for siblings to interact: a chance for older children to assume leadership roles. 

But on the other hand, it drives me crazy. Finding projects that a 13 year old boy would want to do that a 5 year old can do. . . means lots of hours on the internet researching. I don’t even watch TV any more. I listen to it: while I dig through my online resources, looking for the right projects. I’m constantly pinning ideas for the future: my eyes always searching for just the right thing that will speak to every kid the ultimate truth I want them to glean: YOU ARE LOVED… and isn’t Sunday School cool?!

So, when I stumbled on a tutorial for dyeing silk using sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol I immediately pinned the idea. Hello Mother’s Day! (and um, hello gift that any mom would WANT!) And then I researched every tutorial out there on the subject. And then I asked a friend who dyes things for a living for help. You know, just to make sure. Could we do this in 50 minutes? What kind of silk should I order? Do you think I’m crazy to try this??

For me, these projects not only serve to reinforce the message. . . and give the kids opportunities to learn by doing (instead of just talking at them!)– these projects serve as a ministry opportunity beyond the message. Public schools are cutting art programs as funds dwindle. Time to do those projects has been greatly diminished with the ever growing perception that our children are falling behind the world in the areas of math and reading. So, out goes the play. Out goes the paint. In comes more testing. 

Which makes me ask the question, “If the Church is to speak to the needs of people today. . . well, what are those needs?” In the case of children, I would strongly suggest those needs include playing and creating. If I can, once a week, provide an opportunity to do so and tell them all the same that they are LOVED LOVED LOVED just as they are — it’s a no brainer, right? Challenges aside, it’s worth the effort if these children (be it 15 on a good day or 3 on a quiet day) can learn and explore and create!

The above photo is a test run. Geo wanted to try and I figured, why not? If the 16 year old can do it and love it, then it’s golden. Right? The project has ticked off all my boxes so far — I’m crossing my fingers on the rest. I’ll post photos and tips next week after we do the project on Sunday. But in the meantime, I thought you’d like a sneak peek into what constitutes my creative process these days. 

Friday’s Pin: Floral Inspiration


Friday’s Pin: Painterly. On A Passion for Flowers


The painting in the background has me dreaming. And wishing I had the time to sneak off into my studio to play with some dye.

I did order silk for my Sunday School Class. We’re doing a project for Mother’s Day (shhh… it’s a secret!) and if there are any left-overs, I might just have to find the time to get creative. I’ll keep you posted! 

Lingerie Bag

Magic Carpet Ride Lingerie Bag: One of a Kind Exclusively at Mireio



Lingerie Bags as Art!

I’ve been busy in the studio… and here’s why! I’ve been creating, one of a kind Lingerie bags from vintage textiles and notions. Each on is unique, just like you. And they’re perfect for protecting your hand-dyed vintage slips while traveling. Or, use as a “just in case” bag —because you never know when you’re going to swept off for a romantic night out!

This is the first! I hope to have more soon…these are individual works of art and as such I’m working on them one at a time.

Have an idea or a “vibe” you’d like to see in a bag? Let me know!

Holiday Gift Guide — Week Five

Recently, I was asked to recommend a few etsy artists for wall art. The inquirer was looking for art for her office, but I thought this would be the perfect theme for the last Holiday Gift Guide. There is no better gift, than the gift of art—in fact, that was ALL I got last year for Christmas. Best Christmas Ever. Seriously, my husband asked me what I wanted and I said, “ART”.  He delivered.

And so did the etsy artists who created all my gifts. Amazing. So, I thought I would share with you my favorites–with an eye toward things that hang on your walls. I hope you’ll find something wonderful to give, maybe a few to keep, and of course a few to dream about for the future.

The Best of Etsy Holiday Gift Guides — Week Five — Let’s All Hang Together

(Links to photos shown above, Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Hive by Michele Maule. I can’t say enough about Michele. Her work is really wonderful. I linked a print I adore, but she has lots of whimsical pieces that would be perfect for any wall (including an office!)

Wall Pillows from Stepanka. Go browse Stepanka and fall in love. I couldn’t choose which Wall Pillow to link, so I’ll recommend them all. And honestly, the more you have the happier your wall.

Sailing the Seven Seas as Pretty as You Please by Lisa Kaser.  Lisa’s work has such a playful quality to it. The colors don’t translate on the computer– so be prepared to be absolutely WOWed by the real thing.

Original Gyotaku by Orchid Street Studio. This is an interesting and ancient art form — make sure you read about the process!

Jeunes Filles aux Lèvres Rose by Maryann Wakeley. Not for the faint-of-heart in the price department. But the color, oh the color! It’s a statement piece.

Waves by Moonflowers. Rachel Ballard is a generous person, a terrific instructor, and an amazing photographer. Grab a print or two (before she’s also FAMOUS).

Will You Please Put Down that Us Magazine and Listen to Me by Mincing Mockingbird. Part of Mincing Mockingbird’s appeal is the wit. And the other part is the absolute brilliance of these bird paintings.

The Willow by Lucy Snowe Photography. A new photographer to Etsy with an ethereal vibe.

S A F E by Christina Romeo. Christina is a mixed media artist—so make sure you poke around in her store a bit. You’ll find amazing paintings and ceramics as well as colorful textile pieces like this.

You Reap What You Sew by Mary’s Grandaughter.  For a little bit of textile art with depth. The multi-dimensionality makes these pieces so interesting.

Chipmunk Family Go To Picnic by Coqumaho. I adore these tiny little painting. So wonderfully rendered, you’ll want to collect them.

Whisper by Kat Hannah. Finally, but not in the least, Kat Hannah. I’m going to warn you now, her work is addictive. The colors are amazing. I wish her photographs captured her work better. TRUST ME, you will not be disappointed. Here’s a link to a piece I own… see what I mean?

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Gift Guides this year. Happiest of Holidays to you! I’ll be back in January with  regular installments of The Best of Etsy and more fabulous finds. You know, there’s still time to order online and handmade really does say, “I LOVE YOU.” Take care friends, and happy shopping.

All photos used for promotional purposes only. Please do not copy. Be the original YOU are!