So Pretty in the Window


Just because flowers from IZ. Found at the Astoria Co-op  So pretty in the window. #100HappyDays


An Anniversary of Sorts

Seven years ago this week, we packed up our little family and moved to the Oregon Coast. We had no idea at the time what our future held, but we were excited and keen to begin. This little farm house has come such a long way in 7 years. 



I’m not sure who took this photo and that’s not our car!


This photo was on the brochure for the house, so it’s a bit dark and grainy from being scanned multiple times. But I think you get the idea of what the house was in 2005. Potential! And so much work. 


And this is our house today:


When we are finally finished (are we ever really finished) I’ll put up a few pictures of the process… but until then, I thought you’d like to see how it all began!


Spring arriving on the North Coast. Finally! 


It looks like Spring out here on the edge of the world. Finally! After what seemed like a never ending deluge and permanent grey, temperatures are rising and we’re getting a break from the rain.  The crab apple trees in our yard are just getting ready to bloom and I can see signs of life all around me. The song birds are returning and the air is so sweet. The past few days have been so lovely, we’ve even thrown open our doors and windows to let our farm house air out from winter.

The arrival of Spring also means facing the horror that is our yard. I spent the better part of Saturday removing the final traces of winter and I’m still paying for all that bending and weeding.  Apparently, I turned 80 sometime during the winter and of course I’ve been detailing my aches and pains to IZ all weekend! However, our yard looks better. Sure it’s going to be a season long endeavor to undo all of the neglect from last year. But I’m excited for the work; it means summer is just around the corner.

I’ve also been (well, IZ mostly!) hard at work giving this blog and my store a new look and vision. I’ll be writing more on that very soon. But I’m excited for the changes. It’s all really starting to blossom… much like the world outside.