aunting is awesome

An Auspicious Beginning

Meet Barbara Kellie — I’m already in love. 

Our baby niece is already a month old, but I woke up this morning to an email from my adorable SIL. She’d sent me this photo of Miss Bee in the jumper I sent her (it says Auntie’s Girl**) and it felt like an auspicious start to a New Year. New Beginnings are a good thing. 

I’m already in love. We’ve been a bit too sick to visit. We traisped into Portland for Geo’s 16th birthday, but my SIL was under the weather and we didn’t want to impose. So, for now I’m making do with snap-shots via the phone and am hopeful to get my lens on this adorable wee one soon. Oh yeah, and hold and cuddle and tell her I adore her in person. Maybe for my birthday! 

I’m still working on my “new beginning” for this blog and my creative life. I’m trying to stay focused and yet open. And I think I’ll keep my eyes on this sweet baby–the right kind of inspiration. No?

And how about you? Did your New Year have an auspicious start? 

**Proud Uncle IZ would like me to point out, that while it says “Auntie’s Girl”, he’s the one who spotted it in the store. Love him. 

Aunting is Awesome

“Aunting is Awesome”— a friend on twitter used that phrase, and I’m totally stealing it! 


Geo and I are getting ready for our Mother Son camping trip today. And after picking up a few camping supplies at Freddy’s we wandered into the toy aisle, which is conveniently located right next to the sporting goods department. Um, holy cow, baby toys have changed! I mean, baby cell phones? I don’t even have a cell phone! (Ok, in fairness, that’s me just being stubborn) After some deliberation (read: Playing with everyting we could!) we finally decided we had to buy this for his baby cousin. Because, you know, it makes noise. And is a camera. And so darn cute. 

IZ’s first response was, “Well, at least it has an off switch.” Yeah, I don’t think he’s getting this concept. He’s still thinking like a dad. Noisy toys are bad. Noisy toys are a nuisances. Noisy toys take batteries, which eventually die and must be replaced, typically while a small child is screaming his fool head off.  That’s all true when it’s your kid and your menagerie of talking toys. It’s delightfully not so when the child belongs to someone else. Embrace the noise, IZ. Besides, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins are supposed to send noisy toys. It’s in the rules.

Don’t be a rule breaker, IZ.