Back In Stock: Balsam Acorn Sachets

Balsam Acorn Sachets


Just in time for the season: Balsam Acorn Sachets. Back in stock. These are made to order from a lovely selection of Vintage Fabric. 


Balsam Sachets For Men

The Power Tie Balsam Sachet — In Your Choice of Color.

Yes, you read that correctly! Mireio for MEN! It’s about time I featured a few items for the men in your life. These sachets are generously filled with woodsy Balsam. They smell like a walk in the forest, divine!

Inspired by vintage menswear, these sachets are made with pinstripe wool, oxford cotton, and Italian Silk Ties. Amazing!

And really, at $7.75 each**, you really can’t afford NOT to stock up. Keep those pesky moths from eating his favorite suits and sweaters.

**Want more than one? They’re just $15 for 2! Contact me for a custom listing!!