be mine

Be Mine Valentine Bunting

Be Mine Valentine Bunting

 Day One: Be mine? Valentine Bunting for the bay window. Also know as the photography corner. 

Welcome to Fourteen Days of Love! I hope you’ll join me as I explore ways to show love to my family and friends this Valentine’s Season. This seemed like the perfect year to journal my projects: since Valentine’s day is 2/14/2014. That’s magic, no?  


I thought I’d start out this series with getting some decorating done! Somehow, I actually undecorated our house from Christmas before the first of February. That’s a bit rare for me. I was marveling about this modern day miracle just yesterday over coffee with IZ. 

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did. I got it all put away, with a little help from you.”

I thought you had too, and then I noticed your niche. What’s that about?” (pointing behind him)

“That is my ‘Christmas in your heart all year long’ display. What’s your point?”

“I think you just forgot.”

Busted. (Ask me in March if Christmas is still in my heart!)

Ok, so I have a bit more cleaning up to do. But in the meantime, I’ve made bunting. BUNTING! Folks, you should be shouting that word. 


I love bunting. I always have. I made my first banner for this window in December of 2006, long before the bunting craze hit. A friend of mine had made a Happy Birthday banner for her husband that I adored and I had intended to make one for Geo’s birthday. Of course, I lost track of time, so up went a “Peace” sign instead.  And there it stayed!  When it was time to undecorate for the holidays, I just couldn’t take the Peace bunting down. Fortunately, IZ agreed: since I hadn’t gone too seasonal with my fabric choices and well, he’s a light touch on these things.  

I’ve been meaning, ever since, to make more. If I had to-do lists printed up, “make bunting” would permanently be written at the bottom.  Then the bunting craze took off and I get a bit oppositional about trends. Typically, I’m either way ahead of the curve or so far behind, that when I finally decide to jump on board, it’s so. over. 

But, I don’t think the bunting craze is going anywhere, because BUNTING. And who doesn’t like a cheery sign in the window? So, here we are. 



I’m not including a tutorial on this.  Partly because I made it in the middle of the night when the light is horrible for photos, but mostly because the internet is already chock full of great tutorials on making bunting. 

However, I do have few tips that I think are helpful. 

♥ The base fabric is made from drop cloth. Yep! Cheap canvas. And if you pink the edges, it will hold up forever. (see Peace bunting in my window for seven years.) You can buy canvas drop cloths in the painting department of your local hardware store. Be careful. If you buy a larger piece, chances are it will be seamed together to make the dimensions. But it’s by far the best buy for canvas if you’re crafting.  (and um, I’ve covered couches with the stuff too!)

♥ When picking a font go for a bold one with as few curves as possible. Because you’ll be cutting that curve out twice. Once for your template, and once on the fabric.  You can print out templates on paper, cut it out, and the make sure you invert the letter when you trace it to the back of your fabric. 😀 


♥ Most craft stores sell heat and bond adhesive in rolls. You can certainly sew your letters on if you like, but even if you do, using the adhesive first will secure them in place and keep everything still as you sew. 

♥ I didn’t really measure on this. I mostly eyeballed it — because ultimately, I wasn’t trying to make something look store-bought, but homemade. I love the look of hand fashioned anything: but especially at Valentine’s Day. There’s just something so charming about “I made this myself”, no matter how it turns out. So, don’t fret the size or the shape. Just create something you’ll love. 

Ok! Your turn. I hope you’ll go make a fabulous bunting to profess your love. (every time IZ walks by this and I’m in the room he says to me, “Yes, I will.” See, romance right there!) Drop me an email or a link in the comments; I’d love to see what you create! 

♥Need some more ideas on creating your own bunting? Check in later this afternoon: I’ll be posting a Pinterest round-up of all my favorite bunting ideas and tutorials!