Ten Women You Should Know

My beautiful friend Kerri (Her inspiring blog is Ten Things)  is hosting an amazing series this month about Ten Inspiring Women. She’s asked ten artists a wide array of questions — from our best  mantra to our favorite beauty product — and is featuring our answers over the next few weeks. It’s a great way to get to know the woman behind the art! And I’m certainly looking forward to learning more about all the great artists she’s featuring! So, go have a look and get inspired! (And consider signing up for the next round in late Summer/early Fall!)

A Sweet Surprise!

A sweet surprise! Sunshine in my mail.


I was a bit absent from Mireio last week. It was my 40th birthday and I spent the week hanging out with my little family and soaking in all the love  coming my way. But I’m back and I excited to start working and blogging about all the Spring in store for Mireio.

I’ll start by sharing these fabulous earrings that arrived in the mail last week.  (And I’ll just add, what a way to celebrate your 40th birthday!) My lovely friend, Kerri, sent me these handcrafted bits of Spring. I so admire Kerri’s work and have been meaning to buy something for ages. But, I’ll confess, I have a hard time buying for myself. Do you have that problem too? I’m happy to indulge friends and family, but splurging on me is much, much harder to do!

So, you can imagine my delight to receive these stunning earrings, so beautifully wrapped,  and a birthday note wishing me all the best at I enter this next decade. Such a thoughtful, generous, and lovely gesture—just like Kerri!

Thank you, thank you dear friend!

You can find more of Kerri’s work in her Etsy store Ten Things. Go treat yourself!

An Inspiring Month

Welcome to February: An Inspiring Month!

This is my birthday month—and this year is a BIG milestone for me. (ssh, don’t tell, but I’m turning a blissful four oh boy!) So, I’ve decided to spend the month blogging about all the things that inspire me most. Everything from the vistas that promise serenity, to the frenetic energy of my newly minted teenager, to the ideas and sights that get me motivated to make and create it. There is a whole lot of beauty out there and I hope you’ll join me this month while I do my best to record it!

In the same  vein, it turns out Victoria, of SF Girl By the Bay,  is hosting a Blog it Forward mash-up this month themed on Inspiration and after reading about it over on Kerri’s gorgeous blog, I thought, “Why not? It fits in perfectly with my plans to blog all that inspires me this month as I turn 40!”  I hope you’ll sign up too and tell the world about YOUR inspirations.

So, this is it—February. A month of romance and violets and all things sweet and wonderful and a whole lot of inspiration!

Why I Love: Ten Things


A little luxury for you at Ten Things

Ten Things offers tiny luxuries that any girl can afford. It’s all beautifully styled and photographed, browsing through this online store is like taking a walk through a lovely little boutique, while still in my PJs. PLUS, she offers free shipping and gift wrap (upon request). It’s all about affordable luxury and that’s why I love Ten Things!

(and take a peek at Kerri’s gorgeous blog too!)

photo used for promotional purposes only. Do not copy! Be the original YOU are!

A New Space


My first listing and sale.

First off, let me say, “Welcome!” As you can probably tell, this blog is very new. I did import the archived The Best of Etsy lists from the past few months—but otherwise, I’m just starting out on this blog. I’ve decided after a year in business with Mireio, that I’d love to share my process with you.  I’m hoping that as I go along you’ll join in—and maybe share a bit of your process with me.

So, the backstory. A year ago on August 5th I listed my first items in my new store on etsy, Mireio. Much to my shock, I got two sales within a half hour and Mireio was officially launched.

I can hear you now, “LUCKY YOU! A sale on the first day!” It’s true. I was very fortunate. However, it didn’t take me long before I figured out that sales weren’t just going to happen. And like every other seller, I began hunting around for ways to promote myself. Buying banner ads, promoting on twitter, creating a fan page.

What I didn’t do was blog. I have a well established personal blog (Evidently)  and I didn’t see the necessity to be writing more in a different space. Seriously? How much of me does the world  REALLY need? (Yeah, not as much as it gets, I fear!)

However, in the past year, I’ve found it almost impossible to write about Mireio on my  blog. It’s felt like selling Girl Scout Cookies at church. My readership on Evidently shows up because they want to hear me talk about my life–and strangely I’ve found myself reticent to include Mireio. It’s a huge part of my life, but talking about it on my personal blog just felt awkward.

So, after a year of not writing about my love of fabric, my obsession with thrift store — a year of not posting tutorials and podcasts about creating great listings and finding your audience — I’m doing it. When most people are scaling back and blogging in 140 characters or on Facebook, I’m launching Mireio the blog because I have a few things to share with you. The world might not need more of me, but apparently, I have more to give! 

I hope you’ll join me. After a year in  business I’ve learned so much that I want to share. And I’m hoping that this blog becomes a space we can get to know each other!

So let’s begin. . . Ok? Tell me in the comments what your first sale was. In fact, include a link so I can see!