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Create Your Own Spa Gift Set

reate Your Own Spa Gift Set


Pair a Buckwheat Hull Pillow with a Flax Seed Eye Pillow and Lavender Sachets for a gift that just says, “AHHHH.”

Create your own Mireio Gift Set by pairing a favorite buckwheat pillow with lavender sachets or a flax seed eye pillow.  Lavender is so soothing and relaxing — and each of these gifts will provide hours of calm.  

Mix and match your own set —  or choose my favorite pairing of the season, each featuring a very Pretty Paisley print: 

Buckwheat Hull PillosMireio’s signature buckwheat and lavender insert is ensconced in the prettiest boho paisley — creating the perfect pillow for the holiday season.  Find it here: Pretty Paisley Buckwheat Hull Pillow. 

flax seed and lavender eye pillow yoga pillowThis amazing flax seed and lavender eye pillow is one of a kind–featuring vintage linen embroidery. Softly scented and so relaxing to use, Mireio’s dream pillows are perfect for yoga, meditation, or a spa day at home. 

lavender sachets


Finally, add these lovely lavender sachets. Use in your linen drawers to softly perfume your lingerie or wool sweaters. Generously filled with luxurious lavender from Provence in a beautiful boho paisley print.

Create your own Lavender Gift Set with Mireio and give the gift of Ahhh this holiday season.