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Introducing: Travel Dapper — Buckwheat Hull Pillows for Men


Shop Update! New Buckwheat Hull Pillows.

Yay! New Buckwheat Hull Pillows! I’m so excited to introduce, “Travel Dapper” — Buckwheat pillows with men in mind. (I’ve listed a few new pillows with YOU in mind as well!) The prints are more masculine and gender neutral: so that the men in your life can stop “borrowing” your Travel Pretty Buckwheat Pillow and use one of their own.  

And the Travel Dapper pillows feature a buckwheat only insert. I think men like lavender, but most of the men I asked said they preferred an unscented insert: so I took their advice. 

Speaking of men. . .  I called this new line for men “Dapper” after this man:


My father in law, Roy (who is 81 in this photo, playing violin at his granddaughter’s wedding). He is the most dapper man I know and a big supporter (and user!) of Mireio’s pillows. He uses his regularly! 

In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding more prints. But in the meantime, there are two indigo pillows and a stunning Liberty of London pillow in the shop right now! (Hurry, “London Calling” is one of a kind buckwheat pillow!) 




Embracing Autumn


A big pile of color! I could almost “jump” into it! 


Mireio is embracing Autumn! Summer’s pastels are giving way to deep, earthy tones. I’m exited to be listing new hand dyed vintage slips inspired by the colors and fragrances of Autumn: luscious blackberries, earthy tea, crisp apples, and falling leaves.  Stay tuned: they’ll be in store on Monday! (if not sooner.) 

Until then, have you thought about your holiday shopping yet? Autumn is a great time to pick up a Travel Pretty Buckwheat Hull Pillow. One for you for all your holiday travels. And one for a friend! With or without lavender! 


Smelly Photo Props Make Me Happy

Smelly Photo Props


It’s blooming outside and at Mireio. Which, isn’t news really; Mireio has always been place full of flowers. But the winter garden is devoid of photo prop material and so the listings in the store reflect that.  It’s been a LONG season of product shots without flowers. Sometimes I buy a few blooms to use, but I’ll confess I prefer what’s growing in my garden. (or the garden of the corner dahlia sellers) 

This fabric reminds me of Rainbow Sherbert. Dreamy Buckwheat Hull Pillow at Mireio. 


So, you know when it was time to photograph this pillow I went and cut a bunch of my newest obsession. Cecil Brunner’s are really small roses. Even smaller than spray roses. But for their size, they are fragrant, in that soft musky way tiny roses can be. Cut a bunch of them and they can rival any David Austen

We planted these roses 3 years ago when we put in the arbor and fence in the yard. But this is the first year they’ve run amok like this. Where they’ve put off enough roses I feel like I can cut a bunch without stripping the hedges bare. Which has me scheming. Rose water tonic? Rose tea? Rose petal cupcakes?

The possibilities are endless. But for today, at least, I’m content with my smelly photo props. 


What makes YOU happy? 

Have an Awesome Weekend

This is Murphy. . . The awwww quotient on this blog just skyrocketed.


Isn’t he adorable? A customer sent me a tweet last night that said, “Someone looks comfortable on my Wende pillow.” I thought Murphy would be a nice way to wrap up the week and wish you a Happy Friday!  Have an “Awe” filled weekend, friends. See you on Monday. (when, rumor has it, I take a step closer to redeeming the much maligned beet.) 

New Buckwheat Hull Pillows: Spring Fever

New Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillows arriving at Mireio today! 


Do you have the fever yet? I certainly do. I’m ready to grab my super comfy Mireio travel pillow and board a plane to someplace warm. And balmy. That serves drinks with tiny colorful umbrellas. 

If you’re traveling this Spring, or any time really, these new collection of pillows is perfect. Featuring an array of bright and cheery fabrics for every style. But these prints are limited and will only be reproduced a few times—so if you see a traveling companion in the mix shop early! (I’m not kidding here! The pillow on the bottom. … green graphic with cherry flowers on it. . . is a one off! )