Love in the Post: Snail Mail Swap










OOH! Look what arrived in today’s post. A month or so ago, Mirta from Mi + Ed  Design hosted an international swap and she graciously allowed me to join very last minute! Her lovely package arrived today from Italy and fortunately, the sun came out just enough for me to be able to photograph all this treasure. (Plus a few reshoots for Mireio! Yay!!)

As you can see from the photos, Mirta really spoiled me. The rules of the swap were pretty easy and so fun to do: we were to include something purchased, something vintage, and something handmade. I was so excited to send my side of the swap to Mirta, that I completely neglected to photograph what I sent. (You can see a quick photo on her blog

I love everything that Mirta sent: especially the vintage paper garland she made and the wonderful note book. I adore all things paper and I’m so “old skool” about note taking: I usually have a couple of note books going at once.  I don’t really “journal” but I do doodle all my prayers, plans, and ideas. 

Mirta has a wonderful design esthetic and you can see more of her work on her Etsy story: Mi + Ed Design.  Thank you so much, Mirta, for being such a wonderful swap partner. I love, love everything!! 


Want to participate in a Snail Mail Swap?

It’s easy and I’d love to send a little package to you! Contact me in the comments or on my Facebook Page



Why I Love: Dancing Mooney


Really, what’s NOT to love? Gorgeous Amethyst Glass Necklace by Dancing Mooney. 


If you haven’t discovered Dancing Mooney, then you’re in for a treat! Janell’s store is so lovely, full of wonderful gift ideas: you’ll want to make sure you shop early for the holidays! Run by a fabulous Oregonian, Janell, Dancing Mooney is one of those stores that provides a wonderful shopping experience. Which is saying something when you’re shopping online! Everything from the photography to the packaging is so well thought out — you get that Anthropologie feeling without leaving your house. It’s just lovely to linger. And, who doesn’t love shopping in their P.J.s? 

There just are not enough superlatives . . . and Janell (who is a fabu twitter friend and generous supporter of all things handmade!) really is a terrific shop owner. If you’re looking for amazing gifts and a wonderful shopping experience: this is your place, friends. I adore everything Janell does!

And that’s why I love Dancing Mooney. (I think YOU will too!) Take a peek. She makes bath goods, jewelry, and so much more!


And… this is pure love here, friends. Just love.

A Whale of a Good Time



Stunning print by Michele Maule. You can find it here.


I have thing for whales. Big Fish. I’m not sure why, though I do think immersing myself for months in the text of Jonah during graduate school probably played a role. The whole Jonah metaphor figures big in my life. . . but that is a different story.

And while I don’t actually collect “whale” things in real life. . . (Pretty sure that would trigger a hoarding impulse in me —  “Oh, so you really like whales!”) I find myself pinning and hearting whale things often. It’s not exactly an addiction or anything.  Just a minor obsession. 


whaleadatineHow amazing is this whale? I need this, right? Fabulously created by Adatine. You can find it here. 


And at the risk of provoking the ire of all my literarily minded friends: this is EXACTLY what you should be doing with Melville. . .



The House of Ismay rocking all things literary.



And sometimes, I buy tiny little jumpers in tiny little whale prints and send them to tiny little babies.  ♥

I Love a New Feature

Check out Mireio’s new “About” page! It’s a new feature on Etsy—and I’m kinda smitten with it. 

Real Handmade Soap

There is a bit of a scandal taking place in the Etsyverse regarding the reselling of soap. Apparently, not every soap seller is on the up-and-up. It breaks my heart to see people attempting to support handmade and true artists only to be taken in by a reseller.

Needless to say, as a long time supporter of all things Etsy, I want to do my part to help! So, here is a list of amazing soap artists that Mireio can personally vouch for! Each of these individuals takes great pains to craft their own goods as well as creatively market their brand. If you love handmade soap, like I do, you can buy from the following people with peace of mind that the soap you’ll receive is real handmade soap.


Etsy Soap Sellers You Can Trust:

Say Hello to Blushie! Gorgeous colors and scents–what’s not to love?!


Prunella’s photo styling is as luscious as her soap. Beautifully handcrafted soap you’ll love to use and give!


For truly VEGAN soap, Long Winter Farm has wonderful choices. I’m in love with the rustic appeal of this store.


This is just a start. As I find more amazing soap sellers, I’ll be sure to bring them to your attention.