The Best of Etsy — Starlight

It’s time for another The Best of Etsy list! And you’re in luck, because today’s list is SUPERSIZED! It’s an eclectic list this time, because sometimes you just don’t need a theme. I’m calling it Starlight. . .

The Best of Etsy — Starlight

The color is absolutely divine, don’t you think? (and something of a rare find, this McCoy vase by Star Fault)

I’m completely enchanted with Coralie Beatrix. These dresses are clever and beautiful!

So modern, yet feminine too. I love how light-weight these are. Earrings by Quercus Silver

I love everything about Lee Ohio Designs. This necklace would be a wonderful place to start your collection.

Why not keep your secrets in this lovely agenda?? Full of illustrations from various artists, this Universal Agenda features cover art from PaperBullet!

Because you are. And you’ll need something to write with. By Mudpuppy.

The Best of Etsy — Mama Needs a New Bag

Mother’s Day is coming up, and this particular Mama could use a new bag. Something luscious and lovely and utterly handmade. Bet your Mama would like one too!

The Best of Etsy — The Mama Needs a New Bag List

I’m loving the soft texture of this La Touchable bag. Gently embroidered with a stunning button close. It’s plum perfect, no?

I’m thinking of all the ways I could use this silk Clutch by Julia Sherry Designs. You might be here awhile, because I’m still counting. . .


This large hobo by Patkas is divine. The color, the texture, the size. . .  Perfect!

And who knows, maybe if you splurge on Mom she’ll let you borrow her new bag once in awhile? Just a thought!

Do you have a favorite “it” bag for this spring? Something just perfectly you? Share a link in the comments!!

Speak Up!

I’ve fallen in love with the Statement Necklace!

For the ultimate in Romantic Glamour you can’t go wrong with anything in Voleur de Bijoux.

If your style is more  classic, then this vintage inspired triple strand of gorgeous Red Jade should be calling your name.

Finally, for all you Rock-star Goddesses out there: check out Love, Hey Lola! She’s  full of moxie!

So, what’s your favorite Statement Necklace? Post a link in the comments so I can take a peek!

Why I Love: Gogovivi


Camellia by Gogovivi

Gogovivi makes the most amazing handbags. Kiley is one of those artists who just has the touch. Her work is stylish, timeless, and always elegant. And who wouldn’t want a status bag that’s completely handmade?  So, forget the Birkin or the Louis Vuitton. . . Make mine Gogovivi. It’s affordable luxury with the handmade touch; which is reason enough to love Gogovivi.