It’s getting spooky on our porch! We’re ready for Halloween. 

Happy Halloween








Late night snack. 


Almost 3 in a homemade costume

Historically, Halloween is big business in our home. Our house all decked out in purple lights and spider webs. Homemade costumes obsessed over for weeks. Hard-core negotiations over candy in the supermarket holiday aisle.

However, last year found us in a hotel. This year, throwing around references to gopher wood and Noah’s Ark as the rain comes down in relentless sheets. While our weather is nothing like the images being broadcast of the wreckage of Sandy (we’re praying for you East Coast) this constant downpour has my kid retreating to  a youth group candy pot-luck and me considering turning off our lights tomorrow and munching on candy in front of a roaring fire.

Despite the change in plans, there is still the issue of a costume. Going to a church function puts a real crimp in any ghoulish ideas he might have entertained. I say might, because he recently told me, “Oh, I’ve outgrown the desire to scare people on Halloween.” Yay?!

And being nearly 16 creates a whole different dynamic to the costume considerations. Gone are the years when I could say, “Look at the great costume I made you, don’t you want to be a spider?!”  Now I have to find a subtle way of suggesting that the best way to combat your “I’m a science geek prodigy” reputation, is to go BIG. Make fun of yourself. Be silly. But no LARPing costumes. 

That would be weird. 

We’ve settled on something. I hope he’ll go, have a good time, and not obsess too much on how people react to his costume. I pray the other kids get his joke and are kind, because historically they’re not so good at either of those things. And I hold my breath against the impending tidal-wave of emotions that come with parenting a child nearly grown and gone. Gone, too, are the days without a thought or care of an empty nest. Or, if the thought did come, it was in relief. Then I’ll sleep. Then we’ll be alone. 

Because now it is. . . we’re nearly there.

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Mireio Finds: Hideminy

I’m still moving into my new space. . . but thought I’d stop to share this new find with you! I’m adoring the pottery work of Hideminy. Especially the translucency of these  paper thin porcelain cups. Wouldn’t they put a dash of “pretty” into your Halloween decor? I think they’d look marvelous paired up with mini white pumpkins across a window ledge.

The Best of Etsy — Embrace Your Inner Ghoul

Mireio is getting her inner Ghoul on. . . How about you?

The  Best of Esty — 16 September 2009 — The Embrace Your Inner Ghoul List

(shown Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

I’m not sure if this my inner Ghoul or my inner  Darth Vader. Orbit Lounge Chair by Lunar Lounge Design

I’m thinking it would be fun to add these to a sweater! A “bone chilling” touch! Vintage Buttons by Kent Girl

Because my bones might be chilly from my buttons! Scarflette by mmmfiber

A touch of color! Butterscotch Bakelite Bangle by Enamel Owl

Nothing says, “I’ve got my ghoul on” like this clutch. Gothic Clutch by Little Black Rabbit

Sexy legs are a Ghoulish must. Scroll stocking by Post

Don’t forget your walls. Wall Art by Evil Lillys

Ok, beware — this entire store is ghoulishly delightful. I’m loving the macabre esthetic. Headstone Print by Dead End Tavern

Brand new seller on Etsy and her work is gorgeous… and a bit gothic. Sterling Silver and Black Lace earring by Hilary Koster

All photos used for promotional purposes only. Please, don’t copy. Be the original  YOU are!