How Bazaar

Nutella Shortbread for this year’s Christmas Bazaar at our Church.  


If I’d known that I’d be administrating email password resets for hundreds of customers this week, I don’t think I would have said yes to baking  cookies for the annual Christmas Bazaar at church. 

Want to make people angry? Ask them to upgrade their email passwords and then tell them they can’t use their name or their domain name in their password. It’s a guaranteed head spinner.

But I did say yes. Yes to 6 dozen cookies and by gum, I’m a girl of my word. Even if my word is “by gum”–and that’s really a phrase. 

Of course, one might arch a well groomed eyebrow or not at my choice to try a completely new recipe when a standby would be quicker. Saner. Safer. However, I felt a bit challenged. When I asked what kind of cookie was desired, I was told, “Oh, you can make chocolate chip.”

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Teach Me Something: Turkey Fork Bows

Meet Carly. She’s fabulous. She teaches and bakes and quilts and sends delightful emails. She also writes a wonderful blog called Citric Sugar. And she’s responsible for my new found addiction to using a TURKEY FORK. Read on, folks! 


Happy Fall, Y’all. Ok, I’ve been sitting on that one for ages. But seriously, I hope you said goodbye to Summer in an appropriate fashion. I had a weekend, let me tell you. Actually, I just might! In another post. Because today I want to share the other thing I’ve been sitting on — hoarding in fact– waiting for Autumn to arrive so I could share it with you. It’s going to revolutionize your holiday gift-wrapping routine!  But first, a little back-story:

In the Spring, I sent out an inquiry to some of my friends, “Hey come be a star and teach me something on the blog”.  I didn’t have too many requirements, just that it be fun and have good photos. I have such talented friends, I thought it would be cool to share  their unique talents with all of you here on the blog. While the idea was a good one, I think… it’s been fits and starts getting responses. And that’s ok. In time, we’ll get it all worked out.

However, one friend did respond nearly immediately. She promised to send me a tutorial on how to tie a wonderful bow, every time, with a turkey fork. A TURKEY FORK? Really, Carly? You bake and quilt and teach kids, and you want to play with a TURKEY FORK? 

But then Carly sent me a video. And not just any video, but this ridiculously charming, adorable, and educational tutorial on how to tie a bow with a turkey fork. A TURKEY FORK. And now I’m a believer. 

I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Carly. That was poor form, on my part! Thank you for the FABULOUS video. You’ve totally revolutionized my pathetic bow-tying. Now, I just have to go buy a TURKEY FORK. And maybe stop staying TURKEY FORK. 

So, here it is.  The inaugural “Teach Me Something” Post. How to Tie a Perfect Bow with a Turkey Fork by Carly Murray



Want to share a tutorial for a future “Teach Me Something” post? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a video. Just let me know your idea and let’s get sharing! 

Armed and Dangerous

Resisting the urge to hoard these for the pretty colors. 


Early in our marriage, IZ and I lived in Seattle, on Queen Anne Hill. Our little rentals was within walking distance of Kinnear Park, so to avoid the parking mess, we would pack a thermos of coffee and our homemade cherry pie and walk to the park on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks. We would huddle up together, because traditionally Summer does not arrive until July 5th in the Pacific Northwest, wrapped in a blanket or two and wait for the best show of the year.  Happy to have our warm coffee. Elated to be watching the night sky light up so beautifully with the city as a backdrop. Oh, I love that one best. No, no, that one.  Relieved to be able to walk home and avoid all the crazy drunk drivers after the show.

There is just something about big display fireworks that gets me every time. Our tradition was such a huge part of our life, that when dear friends of ours invited us to join their 4th of July tradition when Geo was 7, I wasn’t so sure. We accepted the invitation immediately, but then we worried ourselves. Would we miss the big show? Would we feel the same, to not be making a trek to a park with coffee and pie in hand?

But off we went. And sitting on a quiet street, on a warm night, (for life had moved us to a balmier California!) we sipped champagne and watched our child experience the ridiculously wonderful and dangerous fun of home fireworks.  Be careful! Let an adult light that! We didn’t miss the  big show, the one in front of us was entertaining in its own fashion. And for the next few years, it would be the way we did things. 



This is the nature of traditions. They grow with us. The practice of keeping traditions deepens our relationships with those who also keep them with us. But we would be fools to not be willing to change with the times. To not recognize the need to do something different. It’s not that we jettison the past with indifference. We simply bring that best part of us to this new way of being. Our faithfulness allows something new to emerge. It is the practice that is worth keeping. No matter what the practice might include.  And we will look back on it, and see it as the beginning of a new tradition.

In many ways, our 4th of July traditions have come full circle. We can see the town’s firework display from our porch, and we snuggle up under blankets and drink coffee and eat pie and take in the beauty. Oh! I love that one best. No, no, that one. Oooh. . . so pretty. 

We have moved far from friends on quiet balmy streets, but we still are armed and dangerous— we still sip champagne and watch our child tempt fate. Be careful! Don’t set the house on fire.  Oh, I love that one best.

Craft Tutorial: Easy Fabric Tags

Fun idea for what to do with all those little fabric scraps! Click here for the tutorial: Easy Fabric Tags.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Lovely Vintage Soy Candles make wonderful holiday gifts.


Holiday Shipping Deadlines:

I don’t want you to miss out on any of the holiday shopping fun! So here are Mireio’s shipping dealines to help you better shop at Mireio this year:


For all READY TO SHIP items:

Domestic: December 20, 2011
International: December 9, 2011

For MADE TO ORDER items: 

Domestic: December 17, 2011
International: December 6, 2011

You can always upgrade to expedited shipping. Please just convo me and we’ll work it out. Happy Holiday Shopping!