Role Reversal Muffins

I already love him for the Almond Milk Mocha each morning, but now I’m willing to follow him into battle. Muffins, friends. MUFFINS. 


Most of you are Evidently readers, so you know: IZ cooks. I bake. But lately, we’ve found ourselves playing Freaky Friday in the Kitchen. (that could totally be a comic book. You’re welcome)

I’ve been cooking more and more. Right now, work-life for IZ means 70-80 hour work weeks… he doesn’t feel like cooking and fast food got old in August. I’ve been pinning recipes and seriously folks, I actually made something last week that was NOT chicken based. Though, there was orzo, so I still haven’t kicked the pasta habit just yet. I’m not going to be trying out for any cooking shows—but I’m learning to follow a recipe without burning the house down, we’re calling that a WIN. 

And IZ, because I think he misses his kitchen, has taken to baking muffins.

I love him for that. 

I know that eventually life will settle down and IZ will find himself back in the kitchen. Though, he professes his love for my food —  this is also the man who tells me I’m beautiful in my fat jeans, so he’s not to be trusted — he is a true chef and no amount of my adapting really good recipes touches what he makes in the kitchen. I’m just hoping that when we come up for air and find our rightful places, there will still be muffins.

Lots of muffins. (recipe after the jump) Continue reading →