May Arrives

A petite bouquet tucked into my closet window.


It’s nearly 1 pm on May Day and I’m just now getting into the studio. Just now thinking about this post! It’s been that kind of week so far. Which, might not bode well for the remainder of the week.

So, it’s a slow running day. Slogging, if you will. I picked up new glasses, much anticipated glasses, last Friday—and I’ve been struggling to adapt to my new prescription over the weekend. My eyes are exhausted and over taxed due to some sort of crazy blooming alder out-side. I’ll post photos when my eyes don’t look like they were just stung by a bee.  The adjustment to focusing differently has made me tired and, in an odd parallel, made it difficult to me to focus on work. I’m just a bit scattered. Exhibit A: this post!


I don’t know why, but I was enchanted with the aftermath. . . 

And it’s not been the best weather today for delivering presents, though I did get all of ours in place this morning—I’m hopeful our May Day presents won’t be a soggy mushy mess by the time my neighbors discover my gesture. I never think about water-proofing packages until I’m running for the car in a down-pour with a package tucked in my sweater. I attached little hang tags to the plants that said, “Happy May Day from the Oates Larsen Family.” Or, that’s what I hope they will still say after a few hours in the elements. Otherwise, my neighbors will be utterly confused. 



And I did manage to cut a few lilacs for the house this morning. I put a lovely bunch by my bedside—which might not be the smartest choice, considering all the allergy related bottles and medications that are already crowding my nightstand. But that fragrance is the prettiest thing to wake up to in the morning. And I’m already walking around with half sealed eyes, what a bit more pollen? 



In case you’re wondering, lilacs don’t  last long in vases. But you can do a few things to help prolong the experience:

  • Cut early in the morning. And choose stems that haven’t completely bloomed yet. 
  • Cut the stems on an angle. Use a serrated knife not scissors. Split woody stems up 1″. 
  • Place in warm water. Never set the vase in direct sunlight.


Happy May Day!