New Vintage Slips at Mireio

New Vintage Lingerie is finally here. I’m listing half of the slips today (with the remainder later in the week.) Shop early as these are one of a kind and limited!

New Vintage Slips

New Vintage Slips arriving at Mireio all week. Each is one of a kind, hand dyed, and accented with a stunning floral pin. Here’s a sneak peek. . .

New Lingerie Bags

New Art Lingerie Bag: Romantic Interlude. One of a kind and perfect for any bride. Exclusively at Mireio


The weekend graced the north coast with a bit of sun on Friday and Saturday. So, IZ and I made the most of it and blitzed through our very overgrown yard. But I’m hoping to be in the studio most of this week, working on new lingerie bags.

I have to say, I’m very excited about these new lingerie bag. I really enjoy doing one of a kind work—I start out with a huge stack of my favorite vintage fabrics, laces, beads, and buttons. And before I’m done, there’s a huge creative mess on my table. . . I do messy really well! It’s also lovely to envision Mireio being part of someone’s big day. The first bag, Magic Carpet Ride, sold to a very sweet bride who is getting married this weekend. I will be wishing her well as she starts her new life —and that’s certainly inspiration to create more of these stunning lingerie bags.

So, off to make a mess I am! But I’ll be back through the week to share my progress and some surprises along the way. (hint: there’s new glass coming to Mireio!) Stay tuned!

Lingerie Bag

Magic Carpet Ride Lingerie Bag: One of a Kind Exclusively at Mireio



Lingerie Bags as Art!

I’ve been busy in the studio… and here’s why! I’ve been creating, one of a kind Lingerie bags from vintage textiles and notions. Each on is unique, just like you. And they’re perfect for protecting your hand-dyed vintage slips while traveling. Or, use as a “just in case” bag —because you never know when you’re going to swept off for a romantic night out!

This is the first! I hope to have more soon…these are individual works of art and as such I’m working on them one at a time.

Have an idea or a “vibe” you’d like to see in a bag? Let me know!