Good Morning Beautiful



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Every morning. He greets me with a mocha and says, “Good morning Beautiful.” Which is as romantic as it is ridiculous. You’re never going to get the “just awake” photo from me, (vanity vanity) but trust me: I don’t match the description! 

And it seems like such a small thing. But I can’t think without my coffee, and he knows. Waking me up has become his ritual — and it’s stunning to me, that after 24 years, he’s still bringing me coffee — still calling me beautiful. Still making me feel beautiful. 

These small moments, these faithfully held traditions hold us together in ways that mark us, MAKE us “us”. 

What holds you together? What is your romantic glue? 



In Photos: Our Valentine’s Soirée


Valentine Bunting Round-up

Welcome to Fourteen Days of Love’s Bunting Round-up. I hope you’ll find lots of idea to inspire you to create (and share) your love! 

Let’s get started with a Pinterest Round-up on Valentine Bunting. If you’re not hanging out on Pinterest, you probably have lots of free time. Ha! It’s a wee bit addictive, no? Sometimes, I go looking for something and get completely lost–following one pin after another. So, I thought a round-up of bunting ideas might be a good idea. Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest. (Links will take you to the original creator. If you want to follow my pinterest board for all things on creating everyday romance, you’ll find it here.)

This gorgeous photo and bunting by Tonya Joy Photography. I love how she used a touch of sparkle with the burlap. 




Hand cut paper letters and vintage valentines on sting. So simple and easy! And completely adorable. From the ever creative Ashley Meaders. 




Don’t have time to make bunting? Anthropologie to the rescue! This sweet banner has tinsel in it. Um. Swoon.


Add some personal charm. Via Paynter Arts 



I love this! Via Captain Crafty: and there is a free printable! All you need is a printer, paper, and pens. 




Paper Doilies and Baker’s Twine. (hint: you can get fabulous paper doilies at the dollar store!) Created by Lolly Jane

Fourteen Days of Love

14 Days of Love


Join in on all the fun! Click the photo for more ideas on how to find Romance in the every day. 

A Perfect Brownie


It really is a perfect brownie. 


Perfection on so many fronts! I can’t tell you good these things are. So, I’m going to just post the recipe and let you decide for yourself. 

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