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Completely Legal Mac and Cheese

IZ’s Fabulous Mac and Cheese


I’ll confess, I’m not a huge fan of mac and cheese. As a rule, I can’t stand the stuff. It falls in the same category as lasagna for me. Great in theory, but in real life, not something I enjoy eating. Which is odd. As they both involve pasta and cheese and well, I have nothing against either of those things!

And like lasagna, I’ve met dozens of people who, through the years, have sworn by their recipes for Mac and Cheese. “Oh, you just haven’t had MY Mac and Cheese” when I confess I’m not a connoisseur. No, I haven’t. And I’m open to try yours, but please don’t be sad when I don’t like it. It’s nothing personal. 

But unlike lasagna, (no, really, your great grandmother’s recipe written in Italian won’t make me like lasagna, I promise) there have been a few exceptions to the  no mac and cheese rule. The first is my sister-in-law Cheryl’s recipe for mac and cheese. I swear, that stuff is addictive. I have no idea what she puts in it, but I suspect it’s crack. A third serving? Yes, please! Want to take some home with you? Don’t mind if I do. No, no I will not be sharing this huge portion of cheesy goodness with you. I don’t care if YOUR sister made it. I will cut you. 

That good. I’d sell out my own kin for it.

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