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New Lingerie Bags

New Art Lingerie Bag: Romantic Interlude. One of a kind and perfect for any bride. Exclusively at Mireio


The weekend graced the north coast with a bit of sun on Friday and Saturday. So, IZ and I made the most of it and blitzed through our very overgrown yard. But I’m hoping to be in the studio most of this week, working on new lingerie bags.

I have to say, I’m very excited about these new lingerie bag. I really enjoy doing one of a kind work—I start out with a huge stack of my favorite vintage fabrics, laces, beads, and buttons. And before I’m done, there’s a huge creative mess on my table. . . I do messy really well! It’s also lovely to envision Mireio being part of someone’s big day. The first bag, Magic Carpet Ride, sold to a very sweet bride who is getting married this weekend. I will be wishing her well as she starts her new life —and that’s certainly inspiration to create more of these stunning lingerie bags.

So, off to make a mess I am! But I’ll be back through the week to share my progress and some surprises along the way. (hint: there’s new glass coming to Mireio!) Stay tuned!