Beet and Cheddar Tarts

It’s the new in thing to do, winging recipes and pretending to know what you’re doing. Yes, those are un-peeled beets. 


Aren’t these tarts pretty? Gorgeousness. If color was the only factor, I’d already be a fan of beets. What’s not to love about that ruby red  juice that pools on your plate and sticks to your fingers and stains you clothes. Wearing white, what was I thinking?

But color is only part of the issue. Following the recipe, it turns out, is also in play. Who knew? So, this is my Beet Redemption Check-in… and well… oh, just read it. 

I left my puff pastry (that Pepperidge Farms so lovingly made for me. They’re awesome like that) on the counter to thaw and made a quick dash to the Thrift Store. A quick dash, hahaha. When I got home an hour late and found myself pressed for time,  I just began making these tarts without reviewing the recipe. Save for a quick  glance at the necessary oven temperature I was working off of my memory. 


That’s how I missed Martha’s very clear instructions that I should not only scrub my beet, I should also peel it. 

To my credit, I scrubbed. And scrubbed. And these little tarts baked for 17 minutes at 400 degrees, so I’m not too worried about poisoning us. But I think that peel might have altered how the beet baked and I’m not sure I’m in love with the texture. The rest of the tart is divine; cheddar and puff pastry and apple and thyme.  It’s possible, that I really dislike beets. However, I’m not willing to admit defeat yet, so let’s just say it’s my reading skills. Or lack thereof. 

Beets 1: Wende 0 (though, if you adore beets you’ll love this recipe!) 

Recipe below the fold.

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