Friday’s Pin: Red Nail Polish and Naughty Thoughts



Ongles rouges plus longs s’il vous plaît! via Mrs. Lilien and Yazbuckly . . . pin

I’m not sure about longer nails, but everything else is certainly right with this print!  On Sunday IZ and I celebrate 23 years of wedded bliss. Ooh. La. La.  If ever there was an occasion for bright red nails, I think an anniversary is it!  Not sure exactly what we’ll be up to (is it  really a naughty thought if you’re thinking about the man you married?!) and we may even delay (or extend?!) celebrating because our big day also happens to be Father’s Day. 

Somehow, all those years ago, we didn’t realize we were planning a wedding for Father’s Day Weekend. This was before the internet and pinterest weddings. We chose a date months in advance and thought we were in clear when the day wasn’t anyone else’s birthday or anniversary (IZ is the baby of 8!). The holiday didn’t even dawn on us! Trust me. Father’s Day is a lot of things, but romantic? Not really.  

So, every few years we share our anniversary with the holiday. And when that happens, we tend to postpone festivities to later in the month. Considering I’m swamped at church on Sunday, I’d say it’s a fair bet we won’t be celebrating on Sunday. 

But I have bottle of vermillion nail laquer and I know how to use it.  Just in case. 


Friday’s Pin: Floral Inspiration


Friday’s Pin: Painterly. On A Passion for Flowers


The painting in the background has me dreaming. And wishing I had the time to sneak off into my studio to play with some dye.

I did order silk for my Sunday School Class. We’re doing a project for Mother’s Day (shhh… it’s a secret!) and if there are any left-overs, I might just have to find the time to get creative. I’ll keep you posted! 

Baby Photos

Beautiful. . . photography by Maria Gvedashvili. (note: the site will load with music, so mute your speakers. But the images are amazing!) 

It’s been ages since I took photos of a baby. My “baby” is 16 and taking photos of him typically requires negotiation and pleading on my part. And then we have that awkward dance where I try to get him to smile and he refuses and then I recommit to stalking him when he’s not looking, because that’s probably the only way I’m getting the shot I want. In the world of social media and a life lived online, my child is quick to duck the camera. Like his mother.

But, the opportunity to take pictures of tiny ones, little ones, is in my  near future. I’m now an Auntie with a camera. And I desperately need to brush up on my skills. Babies are easier to photograph than surly teens, but only by a smidgen. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have ideas ahead of time. So, of course, I’m digging around Pinterest for ideas. 

I’ll confess, I’m not a huge fan of the classic studio work for children’s photos. Babies and toddlers (or adults for that matter) don’t sit around in front of blue canvas backdrops, so why we insist on photographing them like that is beyond me. Fortunately, though traditional studio photographers are still abundant if that’s your thing, the trend has shifted. People are taking a more candid approach to photographing children, even if those photographs are still shot in a studio. (as the above photo most certainly was) 

But, but, you say: Sears and the local photographer are so inexpensive. True. But so is grabbing your camera, heading outside on a nice day (overcast is best!) and telling the kids, “Hey, let’s play!” Or asking a friend who is handy with a camera. Or talking to a local photographer and giving them examples of what you’re looking for. Most people who take photos of children professionally (unless it’s in the mall!) are artists themselves and would probably welcome the chance to use that particular muscle! 

Here’s the thing: while I’m not a fan of the classic studio posed photo (we don’t have any of those of our child!) I understand some people love them. What I’m advocating for the future, is that you capture a MOMENT in time. What makes a great photo worth keeping is the memory it evokes. The story attached to it.  And this is what the studio photo lacks, at least for me. I didn’t want to remember wrestling a fussy toddler into formal wear and coaxing him to sit up and smile while some stranger cooed and dangled stuffed toys in front of him to keep his attention.

I wanted to remember the dirty hands from making mud pies. A cheesy grin and a messy ice cream cone. The sheer delight and laughter after sliding down the big slide. Running through sprinklers. Holding hands. Blowing bubbles. Laughing. Laughing. Laughing. 

My bias is showing, but I’m convinced the moments of life worth keeping cannot be found in front of a blue canvas backdrop.

Looking for great ideas on how to photograph your adorable child? Come follow my Hey Baby board on Pinterest. 


~~Nora Ephron: 1941-2012       ~~ via Pinterest

Future Selves

A gorgeous A-Frame Tent for the wee ones. Tutorial via Grosgrain Fabulous


IZ and I took a lovely walk this morning—a break in the weather often finds us briskly walking our “loop” in an attempt to avoid the rain. Today, we bumped into our neighbor who is moving. Conner is just about four and very excited to be going to Grandma’s house where there is a brand new kitchen waiting for him. A pint sized kitchen made just for him… in boyish colors. Apparently, that’s important. Grandma explained, “We decide to turn an extra room into a playroom for the boys instead of another guest room.” In this room there is a magical kitchen set just waiting for a very excited  four year old.  Conner  is always going to remember that kitchen—it will be bigger and better and so much cooler in his memory than it actually was. And that’s because it’s been imbued by the magic of Grandma Love!

I love this plan! A room for the grandbabies to play. It’s not as if we have any expectation of grandchildren soon. Our son is just 15 and he’s already showing signs of being a lab rat. I’m not holding my breath. But IZ and I are still planning. Because planning is a good thing. We want to do it right. 

Today’s encounter with Conner reminded me that I’ve been wanting to share my Pinterest boards with you.  IZ and I have been pinning to a board called “The Grandparent File“.  The adorable play tent is just one of our pins (and yes, I’m already collecting cool vintage fabric for this project!) and we’re having fun imagining our future selves. Our world is a colorful world. And we have every intention to sharing it with another generation. . . in time!

I shared our idea board with Geo last night. He approves.  I looked at him and said, “See this is why you have to have a bunch of kids! I have projects to do.” Geo is a good sport about his mother’s delusions. And he knows there is no pressure. His father and I are happy with the idea of grandbabies at the moment. Our future selves can wait.

 But in the meantime, we’re happily pinning. I hope you’ll join us! (let me know if you need an invite to Pinterest!)