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What’s the Story?

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Hi, Margie!
-Hi, Alice!
What’s the story, morning glory?
-What’s the word, humming bird?
Mireio’s shop update’s coming soon, have you heard?!

New Aqua Glass Candles

Brand New: Aqua Glass in the 4 oz size. Gorgeous!!


New to Mireio:

I’m so excited to be showing you these amazing Aqua candles at Mireio. They were part of last week’s surprises, but I’m just now getting sunlight to photograph them. Aren’t they pretty? As always, made from recycled glass and soy wax, so you know your Mireio candle is good for the environment. Wouldn’t these make lovely Mother’s Day gifts?

Mireio Bath Salts

New! Himalayan Pink Bath Salts at Mireio.


New to Mireio:

Here is the first of this week’s surprises! I’m so excited to announce the arrival of Mireio’s signature bath salts. Made from luxurious and therapeutic Himalayan Pink Salt and Mireio’s exclusive fragrances. No added oils to clog your drains or leave messy residue in the tub. Just lovely pink salt that create a relaxing and luxurious bathing experience.

Mireio’s Bath Salts are packaged in stunning recycled glassware. This beautiful jar hold 250 mg of ¬†salts and features a corked lid with a spoon and spoon rest. It’s completely reusable and unbranded, so your decor isn’t cluttered up with distracting messages. Instead, it’s a stunning piece of glass that you can use over again—or refill with more bath salts (refills will be available!)

Presently, Mireio’s Himalayan Pink Bath Salts are offered in four of Mireio’s most popular Signature Fragrances:

  • Vanilla Sandalwood
  • Framboise Noire
  • Tuberose
  • Love Spells: Dark Chocolate Passion

Beautifully packaged and promptly shipped—Himalayan Bath Salts make a luxurious gift for all the women in your life. For weddings, showers, Mother’s day. . . or just a little eco friendly luxury for you!

Early Spring

I spent the weekend listing lovely new items inspired by the gorgeous crocuses just starting to appear out here on the coast. Soft beautiful pillows in lovely hues. Fragrant sachets in luxurious linen. And a new candle fragrance: Tuberose. Come take a peek at what is new at Mireio.

Mini Shop Update

Gorgeous new items now available at Mireio. Come find something beautiful today.