Raspberry Thyme Sorbet

Raspberry Thyme Sorbet


Raspberry Thyme Sorbet: A beautiful pairing for the end of summer. 


We finished off that bottle of Rosé tonight: sitting out on our lovely porch, soaking in the balmy weather and the incredible river view. It was probably one of our last dinners on the porch this year: we’re loving every moment we get outside!

Despite the weather, autumn is decidedly in the air and I wanted to make something for desert that was evocative of the change, without heating up the house on an 80+ degree day! This Raspberry Thyme Sorbet was the perfect solution.  So, between photographing and listing a gorgeous new “Travel Pretty” silk slip, I whipped up this sorbet. No, really, it was just that easy! 

Our ice cream maker recently kicked the bucket (I’ll wait…. bad pun! Awesome!), but you can make this easily without a machine. The recipe doesn’t make all that much: but it’s so sweet, a little goes a very long way. I didn’t take a photo, but I served the sorbet with some dark chocolate Milano cookies. YUMMO!

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Birthday Shoes



The sandals I bought with the birthday money my parents-in-law sent me!! On a dilapidated chair that looks far better than my pedicure at the moment. 


Months ago, I asked Mireio’s FB page readers, “Which color should I get?” I had birthday money and a will to spend it!  These gorgeous sandals also come in this really pretty creamy yellow. And I was torn. Which pair should I splurge on?

This color was the universal favorite. Almost everyone said “Blue!”*  And I opted for it because 1.) so much of my wardrobe works with this color, and 2.) I was afraid the creamy yellow wouldn’t look appealing on my turkey flesh white legs. I sport an Oregon tan. 


Maybe a bit more green than I expected. But so pretty. Love that zipper… scared to pull it, tho!

So, I took the plunge. I bought a pair of sandals to replace my beloved sandals that died 2 years go.(Remember these??) Oddly enough, I bought that pair for a wedding and the sandals didn’t arrive in time to get packed in my suitcase. Omen??  And then they died after wearing them to a wedding 4 years later after non-stop summer wear.  I cried. I still have them, useless, tucked away in my armoire.   

I’m realizing I have a thing for blue sandals. I may need to branch out. What color? Red? Orange?? Which makes me wonder: do you find yourself drawn to  the same color sandal each year? 

*Several people on Facebook mentioned they might buy these (Masque Geo Sandals). If you haven’t already, order a half size down. I wear an 8.5-9 in most shoes and ended up returning the 8.5 for an 8. They run a bit, loose. They don’t grip your ankles like you’d expect. I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good thing. But IZ convinced me to keep them and I think I’ll love them when skirt season finally arrives. 



A Big Ol’ YES!

On the first day of Summer I stepped onto my porch and was greeted with this view. And then I went to the dentist. 


It’s the first day of Summer and I’m already wondering where the summer got to! Typically, I start writing my “Things to do this Summer” list in May… but I don’t know, maybe I’m losing my edge, but I just haven’t gotten my stuff together this year.

Not that it matters too much, since my list is typically more aspirational than realistic. But I love the process. The first day of Summer feels a bit like Friday afternoon on steroids. The days and weeks unfold in front of me and anything seems possible. 

Yes, I will get the tangy porch repainted this year.

Yes, I will make jam.

Yes, I will attack the jungle that is our back yard. 

Yes, I’ll keep a list of the books I’ve read and write long dreamy letters to friends and attempt to bake all the things that terrify me.

The first day of Summer is a big ol’ YES!

It’s the beginning of something magical and YES anything seems possible. I have a big ol’ list to prove it.

You know, when I get around to writing it.

Instead, today I went to the Dentist. And that is what happens you don’t plan appropriately. When you forget to seize the moment and command it to your will, er, um, organize your calendar and plan ahead. When the woman at the front desk asks you mid-December when you’d like to come in again, you inadvertently schedule your 6 month cleaning on the first day of summer.

Clearly, I need to start this list making thing much sooner than May!

So, I’ll be writing that list about now. Adding a few more lines to the YES pile. Because, it’s the first day of Summer and really, anything and everything is possible. 


Summer Color

WIP: new fabrics for Summer. Lots of mango, berry, and aqua. Yum. I’ve already started listing buckwheat pillows* in these fabrics and will continue to add eye pillows and lavender sachets throughout the week. So, keep checking back! 

* with these new fabrics, Mireio will be offering “buckwheat only” pillows (as well as Mireio’s signature blend of lavender and buckwheat) for those of you who would prefer your buckwheat pillow unscented. 

In Progress

Working on Mireio’s Summer Cottage Collection available early June.