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If you’ve been missing The Best of Etsy-–you can now find it on Pinterest. I’m adding daily picks of Etsy finds—join me! (image via Ponder and Stitch)

New Candles

Wick testing the new candles!


I’ve been a bit absent, haven’t I? I’ll confess, I got focused on deep cleaning my house for the 4th of July and now I’m testing wicks for Mireio’s new candles (coming in August!).  It doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging.

This is the first test and I’m utterly pleased to be getting really great burn times! However, I want the best possible life for these candles, so I’m tweaking and testing some more. Then, it’s on to fragrance work. I intend to keep many of Mireio’s signature fragrances, but I’m feeling the urge to introduce something new. (and there will be a few fragrances retired as well!) So, I may not be checking in too much this month. Just know, I’m busy creating amazing new things for the fall launch (and prepping for Mireio’s annual sale!)

Real Handmade Soap

There is a bit of a scandal taking place in the Etsyverse regarding the reselling of soap. Apparently, not every soap seller is on the up-and-up. It breaks my heart to see people attempting to support handmade and true artists only to be taken in by a reseller.

Needless to say, as a long time supporter of all things Etsy, I want to do my part to help! So, here is a list of amazing soap artists that Mireio can personally vouch for! Each of these individuals takes great pains to craft their own goods as well as creatively market their brand. If you love handmade soap, like I do, you can buy from the following people with peace of mind that the soap you’ll receive is real handmade soap.


Etsy Soap Sellers You Can Trust:

Say Hello to Blushie! Gorgeous colors and scents–what’s not to love?!


Prunella’s photo styling is as luscious as her soap. Beautifully handcrafted soap you’ll love to use and give!


For truly VEGAN soap, Long Winter Farm has wonderful choices. I’m in love with the rustic appeal of this store.


This is just a start. As I find more amazing soap sellers, I’ll be sure to bring them to your attention.

Art Prints

The Best of Etsy: Art Prints of Love Edition

I think art prints make lovely Valentines. Give some love today! xoxo Wende

Citrus Soiree

Gorgeous finds for your next brunch. Citrusy colors to bring a bit of Spring your way. Now all that’s left is for you to bake Scones!