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Adorable Halloween cards from Rue Renee. Set of Six for $16. Send a little spooky love today!

Hello, It’s September

Coming Soon to Mireio: Vintage Textile Pendants and Hand-knotted beaded necklaces

Hello September! It’s been awhile and I’m hoping now that the fall is rushing toward us, I’ll be hanging around Mireio a bit more! I’ve been busy moving (paint, paint, paint) my studio and prepping the second installment of  the fall shop update. Coming soon to Mirieio: cashmere and wool pillows, lovely new necklaces, and a few more surprises. Plus, The Best of Etsy will be coming back with great new picks. And I even have a tutorial or two planned.

So, welcome to September. I hope you’ll come hang out with me, too!

The Best of Etsy — Purple Orchid

I’m still hard at work in the Studio, prepping the fall line. But I thought I’d take a few moments to put up a short but lovely The Best of Etsy. For the next few weeks, The Best of Etsy will be previewing Fall 2010’s colors. Up today: Purple Orchid.

The Best of Etsy: Fall Preview Purple Orchid

Every girl needs a new bag for fall and Eight Seasons delivers one that’s perfect for the season. Roomy, soft, and beautifully adorned.

Fall isn’t complete without a gorgeous scarf to keep you warm and stylish. And I’m falling in love with Marshall Arts-–handwoven and ultra soft in a amazing collection of colors.

And why not a little bling? Especially if it’s pocketbook friendly! Lovely earrings from Wild Woman Jewelry

It’s all gorgeous, right? Tell me your favorite purple find for fall!  Leave a link in a comment!

The Best of Etsy: Come to Tea

Hi All! Happy June. It’s been a little while since I’ve done an installment of The Best of Etsy—but I’ve been thinking about you a lot! And I have a few amazing finds I can’t wait to share.

The  Best of Etsy: The Come to Tea List

I’m completely enchanted with Birdie Handmade. Gorgeous dresses for women and little girls. There is such whimsy and attention to detail. It’s a feast for your soul. Go look!

Molly Hatch! Wow. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t feature an artist who is basically sold out. But her work is simply divine and she is taking special orders. It’s worth your time to go stroll through her sold items and mark her shop for the future. Because, wow, oh wow, oh wow!

Janum is a new store on Etsy, but there is little doubt it’s going to be a HUGE success. The only down side I see is that these amazing dresses don’t come in MY size. And I really admire her photography work. Simply divine. (Note, this store is taking a break during July to prep for the fall/winter line. Last day to order is June 27th!)

One word: ENCHANTING! Go see it all at Louche Lab

And finally… a touch of vintage from The Soft Palate. (take a peek around this tiny store for other wonders!)

Ok, that’s it! Go have a cup of tea… or if you’re in warmer climates, a glass of Iced Tea!

The Best of Etsy — Starlight

It’s time for another The Best of Etsy list! And you’re in luck, because today’s list is SUPERSIZED! It’s an eclectic list this time, because sometimes you just don’t need a theme. I’m calling it Starlight. . .

The Best of Etsy — Starlight

The color is absolutely divine, don’t you think? (and something of a rare find, this McCoy vase by Star Fault)

I’m completely enchanted with Coralie Beatrix. These dresses are clever and beautiful!

So modern, yet feminine too. I love how light-weight these are. Earrings by Quercus Silver

I love everything about Lee Ohio Designs. This necklace would be a wonderful place to start your collection.

Why not keep your secrets in this lovely agenda?? Full of illustrations from various artists, this Universal Agenda features cover art from PaperBullet!

Because you are. And you’ll need something to write with. By Mudpuppy.